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Length: Short Story

Kurt and his twin sister, Lena, run an auto repair shop. They are good at what they do and they each have their areas of expertise. They are close, yet they have an unspoken rule of not discussing each other’s dating lives. Shane is a frequent customer that seems to be coming around a lot more lately and, with how friendly he is with Lena, Kurt convinced she is the reason. Kurt is drawn to Shane a little more each time he sees him, but would never cross that line where his sister is concerned.

Kurt and Shane casually bond over their love of classic cars and then during Shane’s birthday party, he kisses Kurt. Kurt is all kinds of conflicted due to Lena and shuts Shane down. When Kurt confides in Lena, Kurt finally learns that he is the reason Shane is hanging around the auto shop. If Kurt wants Shane to be his, it’s up to him to finally make his move.

The above synopsis is primarily what this story is about. There are no other plot points or twists to be found here. Overall, this story was formulaic, predictable, and ultimately will be forgettable.

Kurt and his sister are said to be close, but certain topics are off limits. Shane is a customer that starts coming around more often and Kurt incorrectly assumes that Shane is interested in Lena. So naturally that makes Shane off limits for Kurt, only Shane is gay. All we see is Kurt saying that he is attracted to Shane, but any attraction stays firmly on the page. When Shane visits the auto shop, he does spend time talking to Lena and gives Kurt no indication that he is interested. A year goes by. An entire year and Kurt can’t ask Lena if she is dating Shane, Lena can’t give Kurt a clue, and Shane makes almost no indication that he is interested.

So there is attraction that is stated but not conveyed off the page and there is no communication, followed by a misunderstanding that could have been resolved on page one. Then of course Kurt has to go get his man and the story read as if it was following a template and was flat without originality or emotion. There are better short stories out there and there are also worse ones, and this was just a basic story with some classic cars thrown in for good measure.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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