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River and Josiah have twins…daughters! They love them with all their hearts, but let’s just say the pack isn’t happy. They don’t want girls/women in the compound, and there are plans afoot from Stone, a dick of an Alpha, to overthrow River.

Leo is another Alpha in the pack, and Stone approaches him about being his second after he does get rid of River, Josiah, and the girls. Leo likes the idea of raising his status, but he’s conflicted because he doesn’t like Stone at all. Also, he has feelings for Sam and Foster–one a young wolf who is taken in by the River (against the wishes of quite a few other pack members), and the other is a coyote shifter, another stray River brings into the compound.

David and Jax return. Jax has decided not to take David’s bite to become a werewolf. He’s pretty much accepted he’ll be leaving the compound (and David) soon because most of the pack doesn’t want a human to be there. Once again, Stone is plays a big part of this dissension.

Speaking of Stone, he’s decided he wants to mate with Brooks, a Beta, who is good friends with David…and who’s always had a crush on David as well. Stone treats his other mates badly. He’s actually rather disgusting. He touches them and rubs against them inappropriately while out in public. He wants to make sure everyone knows they belong to him, and his mates are miserable. David and Jax don’t want Brooks to mate with Stone, but Brooks finds himself considering it because he doesn’t want to be alone forever, and Stone offers security. He also figures he’ll have Stone’s other mates to keep him company.

As you can see, there is a lot of stuff happening in Third Mate, the third book in the River Wolf Pack series. However, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t hard to keep up with at all, and I was really sucked into the story. When I reviewed Second Alpha, I didn’t mention a lot about Stone’s machinations, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t talk about Foster and Sam at all. Leo was also a non entity. That’s ok, though. You’ll be able to fully understand everyone because A) You’ve read the first two books in the series, and I highly recommend that, or B) There is enough exposition to help you not be lost.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, so I’ll try to break some things down briefly, but not go into too much detail. River and Josiah are in trouble, here. It seems as if River is losing control of the pack. Stone, and quite a few of the other wolves don’t like what he’s been doing lately. They seem to be particularly upset that his and Josiah’s babies are girls. These pack members consider the babies to be abominations. I was really angry about this. How can anyone hate little babies? This was definitely not a good situation for River to be in.

I loved Leo. He was a good man. He worked hard, and he fell pretty hard for Sam after mating with him, and he also experiences a bit of a pull to Foster, the young coyote shifter. Foster and Sam are such dear friends, they even invite Foster into their relationship, although Foster declines.

David and Jax (and later, Brooks) are the reason for the title of the story. Things aren’t so good for them. David wants to bite Jax and make him a werewolf. Jax absolutely doesn’t want to be bitten. Jax realizes his time in the compound is short, and he begins to make plans to leave. He hates the thought, but he’s in danger from members of the pack who don’t want to have a human in their midst. Meanwhile, David’s dear friend Brooks, a beta, is considering mating with Stone. David hates the idea, and Jax does too. You see where this is going, right? Jax begins to plant the idea of David mating Brooks to prevent him from going to Stone, and to have someone to love after Jax leaves. The dynamic in the relationship is interesting. It’s also a slow burn. I found myself going absolutely crazy because I wanted the three of them to be together so badly. Some events (which I will not give away) occur that cements Jax’s plans, and I was thrilled when it finally happened!

The end ties up nicely, and it’s very satisfying. One thing broke my heart and made me cry, but I got the impression it will be cleared up in the near future, and I’m hoping there will be future stories in the River Wolf Pack series so I can see that happen. I enjoyed Third Mate very much, and the whole series is a great read. I highly recommend you read them.


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