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Length: Novella

Derick owns a popular pub in downtown St. Augustine, Florida. It’s pirate themed and it’s part of a pub crawl for tourists. Derick has a bit of a crush on Christopher, the leader of one of the pub crawls. He dresses like a pirate, and they have some scripted banter back and forth. Derick is shy, though, and his employees keep encouraging him to go and talk to Christopher. One night, after the crawls are over, Christopher and some of his roommates come to Derick’s place (Matey’s…and isn’t that a cool name for a pirate themed pub?). Christopher is a bit tipsy, and he lets it slip that it was because he needed some liquid courage to work up to talking to Derick.

What follows is a short, sweet, and to the point sexy romance between two men who deserve to be happy. I loved every minute of it. Derick and Christopher have chemistry to spare. Their scenes together are sweet and very hot! There are several incidents in a park, in the dark, away from prying eyes that really made my heart pound. I love the idea they could have been caught. It really amped up the sexy factor. When Christopher expresses the desire to get to know Derick better, Derick sends him on a treasure hunt of sorts…map and clues included. That was really fun and a totally original idea.

I don’t think I’m giving away any spoilers when I say Derick and Christopher get their HEA. This was a lovely story, and the only thing that could have made it better was if was longer. That’s selfish in my part. I wanted more because I fell in love with both of these men. This one will definitely go into the re-read pile. It’s light, fun, incredibly sexy, and most importantly, unique. That’s hard to find.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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