August Favorite Books

small favorite booksHi everyone! So August has wrapped up and (northern hemisphere) summer is over! But we can keep it alive a little longer with our list of August favorite reads. Here are our top picks from last month!

Jay’s Favorite Books

Michelle’s Favorite Books

Sammy’s Favorite Books

Sue’s Favorite Books

Kris’ Favorite Books

Veronica’s Favorite Books

Camille’s Favorite Books

Kirsty’s Favorite Books

Kenna’s Favorite Books


  1. Lots of good books!

    As an aside, I see that Helping Hand (Housemates Book 1) by Jay Northcote which got a good review here: is free to Kindle readers for a couple of days.

    • Yes! I have a note about it my newsletter today. Both Veronica and I really enjoyed the first book and are big fans of the whole series. So definitely grab it if you can!

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