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Jared is single and has made it known that he will never get involved with another shifter. His last try with that was exceptionally bad and he is completely off limits to all shifters. When Jared meets Nathan, he can’t hide his attraction, but he refuses to engage another arrogant, overbearing shifter.

Nathan is committed to his pack and he’s committed to being single. He’s confident and knows that humans are attracted to him and he has no problems hooking up with them often. He often specifically pursues humans as the chance of forming a bond with one is substantially less. However, when Jared is thrust into his life, every single thing changes.

challenge month 2016While Nathan is chasing down a rogue shifter, his scents get crossed and Jared’s neck meets his teeth. The men are then forced to stick close together until the next full moon, a full twenty-eight days, to see exactly what may happen to Jared. While Nathan wasn’t expecting any of this, he certainly wasn’t counting on the crazy level of attraction and bond that is in full force between him and Jared. But the full moon is approaching and there are things coming that could potentially change everything once again.

For this week’s Genre challenge, it’s a shifter book for me. It’s not that I haven’t read any shifter books, but I’m still looking for the one that will astound me with a great balance between shifting as well as the relationship. This book was good. There were certain areas that worked much better for me, but the overall story didn’t completely blow me away.

What worked extremely well with this book were the bonded feelings between Jared and Nathan. To back it up a bit, the story takes place in England and this is a world where humans co exist with wolf shifters. There isn’t a tremendous amount of world building. We do know that there is a law stating that all new bites have to be registered and breaking this law could result in incarceration or death to the shifter.

Nathan gets himself in this situation with Jared, he panics, and he makes a choice that leads to further choices as he tries to cover up what’s happened. This part was completely entertaining to me in the almost comical lengths that Nathan is driven to in order to conceal mistake number one. Jared isn’t as amused. The focus of the story gets narrowed down to Jared and Nathan. The main question here is whether Jared will become a shifter at the full moon and whether their bond will remain as there are several variables that could play out. So they wait it out–together–in close quarters with Nathan’s enzymes running through Jared and once they touch they cannot keep their hands off of each other. This area was well written as these guys feel physical pain when they are not near each other and when they touch they can’t seem to make themselves stop.

The overall larger arc of the story didn’t play out quite as well for me. Nathan’s pack is explained in a largely unemotional way and while Nathan respects the hierarchy, he seemed to just be a worker in a larger pack and the interactions didn’t add much to the story for me. There’s also the story line with rogue shifters and I wasn’t impressed with what I saw as a lack of support shown from Nathan’s pack. This area also had a few holes for me as threads were opened up but then not tied off with a resolution. As far as actual shifting, I thought there was going to be some here when Nathan half shifted early on. But that wasn’t to be as there was minimal shifting with just mainly images of claws and teeth shown.

So this book would get a recommendation if you are looking for that bonded feel with two guys who cannot keep their hands off of each other. But as far as shifting and world building and what it’s really like inside the mind of a shifter, for that I will keep looking.

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