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Dekker is, pretty much against his will, participating in a runway model/dating game charity event. He’s nervous and is definitely not happy to be there. During the dating game portion of the show, contestant number four really grabs his attention. Dekker likes the way he answers his questions, and his voice is very sexy. There is no doubt in his mind he’d choose number four.

Slade is contestant number four. He wasn’t supposed to even be at this event, but he filled in for his roommate because he got sick. It also got him out of the apartment among people because just a few weeks ago, Slade had broken up with his cheating louse of a boyfriend, George. Slade was glad to be the chosen winner, but thinking nothing would ever come of it, he took George back when he came groveling.

Unfortunately, the date is wonderful, and Slade has to break it to Dekker he was no longer available, and this budding relationship seems to be over before it starts.

I really wanted to like this book. Really. The blurb made it seem like it was going to be sort of fun, and I liked the whole dating game idea. I’m sad to say I didn’t get what I wanted. It all felt…wrong…to me. The date was going so well, and when Slade breaks the news to Dekker he wasn’t single anymore, rather than just going their separate ways and maybe deciding to be buddies or something, they went dancing. They are all over each other and even kiss. Even though I knew Slade and Dekker would eventually be together, it felt like Slade was cheating on George (even if he was an asshat). I don’t abide by cheating. No matter who is doing it. It’s wrong, and I lose respect for the cheater…fictional or real life. Also, Dekker spends half the book trying to figure out ways to get Slade into his bed, even though he knows Slade is in a relationship. That struck me as kind of sleazy. I had no connection with either main character because of these situations.

Of course, we know George is really not a changed man and things will end between him and Slade. It was bound to happen. I also expected George to do something irrational because Slade would leave. Well, it was irrational, and it was evil. However, I didn’t expect the fallout that I got. Slade, feeling responsible for what happened (I don’t want to give it away, though), doesn’t go to Dekker when he should have. I was so angry at him for that. It felt selfish to me.

The sex was hot, and that was what saved this story for me. Even when they went dancing after they should have parted, it was sexy.  Kay Doherty has a knack for writing sex. Unfortunately, great sex wasn’t enough to make me truly enjoy this book, and heaven help me, I hate saying that.

As I said, I wanted to love Blind Date. I just couldn’t. The disconnect I felt, and the irritation with the MCs turned me off.

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