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Life Without Parole is a continuing serial that must be read in order. Spoilers are evident even from reading the synopsis for each book. Proceed with caution to fully enjoy all this series has to offer.

Life is moving along, although separately, for Trey and Jeremy. Without being allowed to communicate with each other at all, their connection to each other becomes more tenuous with each passing day. But, Trey isn’t giving up and he won’t walk away from Jeremy, even after being told to move on with his life. Trey is moving on with his life in other ways, however, as he tries to find peace through therapy, but his new found peace gets tested in a truly unfair manner.

Jeremy is with Wes in prison, but his heart will always be with Trey. Yet, without any chance of parole, he tries to push Trey away permanently. But, Trey is determined to track down new information and insight into Jeremy’s case and the link would be Chord, Jeremy’s ex-boyfriend.

Changes are happening inside the walls of the prison that have the potential to give some inmates a chance they never thought they would have, while others are left to find their way through a never-ending sentence. But even being resigned to a life in prison does not guarantee safety and there are forces at work that want Jeremy out of the way permanently.

Forgiven Angel is book five in this series, and while the end of the series in sight, there is still a lot that has to happen where Jeremy and Trey are concerned. This book again delves into the lives of several side characters, most notably in this book, Bobby and Cory, Shontay, and Bob, the kitchen manager that worked with Jeremy. We also catch up with Danny again to further Slater’s story.

There is a lot going on within the prison walls as Slater’s reach become greater and he will turn on anyone he feels wrongs him. With Darren still in isolation, many paths are beginning to collapse and a power struggle ensues from the highest ranking position on down.

Jeremy is still a constant fixture here, but much of the story is happening around him at this point. However, friends prove their loyalty as they step up for him. Trey is released from the hospital and while he left a lot of his baggage there, his friendship with Neal will forever weigh heavily on him. Trey then has to try to make a life on the outside, but finding work as a convicted felon has all doors closing on him. But Trey is determined to find work and he’s determined to clear Jeremy, which puts him in the path of Chord, who has remained elusive up to this point.

The heart of this story is Trey and Jeremy, yet five books in and they have not spent time together since book two. While the circumstances dictate it and there are a cast of intriguing characters, I would have enjoyed seeing them together some more before the next and final book.

Describing each installment of this series is equal to rating an episode of a TV show where the parts all conspire to lead up to the whole. Erno keeps the tension high in this series and a dramatic conclusion awaits as Trey and Jeremy try to find their way back to each other while finding both of their lives in danger.


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