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Colin Sinclair grew up a wealthy son of privilege, poised to take over his father’s business. At age 17, he met Arnaud Dechene and Colin was immediately drawn in by the beautiful dancer and his dedication to his career. The two began dating and fell in love, until a tragic accident separated the two and left Colin in jail.

It has been ten years since that fateful day and Colin has never forgiven himself for his role in the accident. He now runs a construction company and has built a little family of his close friends, but other than that, he lives half a life with little joy. He knows he deserves nothing more given his irresponsibility years before and he is mostly just getting by. When Colin unexpectedly reconnects with Arnaud, he is stunned to see him once again. Although Colin still has feelings for Arnaud, he knows he is to blame for the accident and he can’t allow himself to be around Arnaud again.

Arnaud is nothing if not determined. His hard work and dedication brought him to the top of the dancing world. And now Arnaud is determined to get Colin back. As much as Colin blames himself for the accident, Arnaud holds himself partially responsible as well, and he refuses to let Colin’s remorse and protectiveness over Arnaud stand between them. Arnaud knows that he still loves Colin and that Colin loves him and he truly believes they should be together. But getting past the events of years before may be too hard for Colin. Now he has to decide if he can accept Arnaud’s forgiveness and move on, or if he is going to let his second chance go to waste and miss out on a chance to once again be with the man he loves.

His Premier is the sixth book in Jessie G’s Sizzling Miami series, a series I am really enjoying. From a plot standpoint, this one can be read as a standalone as long as you are ok not knowing the backstories on the various friends who show up for cameos. So for fans of the series, you get a chance to reconnect with a lot of the guys, but for new readers this one works fine alone.

This book focuses on Colin, one of the men who lives in the group house with the rest of our series regulars. The book begins with the men meeting, and we can see Colin’s passion and intensity when he is with Arnaud. Colin is a man who grew up with everything he could desire, and with nothing he lacked, he had little real motivation or excitement about anything. So we can see how moved he is by Arnaud’s commitment to his dancing, his determination to succeed, and his enthusiasm and passion. When Colin watches Arnaud dance, he just lights up. We are then taken to present day where we see that Colin has become a shell of himself. He blames himself completely for the accident and doesn’t feel he deserves any real happiness. So when Arnaud returns, determined to reunite, Colin can’t help but hesitate.

I think Jessie G does a nice job here showing Colin’s feelings and helping us understand how this incredible remorse has shaped him. Even when he gets Arnaud’s forgiveness, Colin can’t forgive himself. He sees himself as a danger and he is almost scared to let himself find any happiness. I enjoyed seeing Arnaud’s determination to wear Colin down and make him see how good things can between them. But at the same time, he sees that Colin needs time and patience and is willing to give that to him. I did at times find the story slow moving, however. Colin is so remorseful and so afraid that a lot of the book seems like back and forth where Arnaud draws him out and Colin retreats. It takes a long time (most of the book) before Colin is willing to accept the past and move forward so we go a long time with these guys in negotiations before anything really happens between them. That said, Jessie G does a really great job building these characters and I enjoyed seeing Colin’s growth in particular. And you can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy when they finally get back together.

So I didn’t find this one quite as exciting as some of the others in the series, but I did enjoy the in depth look at Colin and Arnaud and seeing how they moved forward from this tragedy in their past. I also liked seeing the family Colin has built for himself and reconnecting with some of these guys from previous books. I continue to really enjoy this series and am looking forward to more.

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