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Olly and Scott were best friends growing up and thought they would be friends forever. But a falling out when they were fourteen ruined their friendship, and now at 18 and in their last year of school, the two barely speak to one another. Olly still has feelings for Scott, but Scott has made it clear that he is straight, and the two mostly bicker and avoid each other.

One night, things come to a head and the two have an argument in front of Ollie’s elderly neighbor. The next morning, Olly and Scott wake up to a shock: they have switched bodies. Panic immediate sets in as the guys try to figure out what is happening to them and why. With no way to switch back, they realize that they must go about their day in each other’s bodies and hope things resolve soon. In order to pass themselves off as one another, Scott and Olly are forced to spend a lot more time together than normal. Olly has to help Scott learn lines so he can perform as Olly in a play, and Scott needs to help Olly with a football refresher so he can play on the team. And the two both need to help each other deal with friends, families, and classes so they can keep their secret until they figure out how to switch back into the right bodies.

As the week continues, Olly and Scott begin to rekindle their friendship, remembering the connection they once had. For Olly, being so close to Scott is just reminding him how much he cares for Scott and how strong his feelings have always been. And for Scott, being around Olly again is forcing him to really reflect on his feelings for guys in general and Olly in specific. But Scott’s dad isn’t thrilled about the guys reconnecting since he has issues with Olly being gay. Not to mention that with the two spending so much time together, Scott’s friends are starting to wonder if maybe he really is into guys. And day after day of trying to fake it and pretend to be one another is wearying for both young men. But as much as Scott and Olly are hoping to put things to rights soon, both are also enjoying spending so much time together. Now they must hope they can figure out how to switch into the right bodies, and that when they do, the connection they have rebuilt between them will last.

Ooooh! I love a good body switch story. I know it is a crazy trope, but I am a sucker for it, and Jay Northcote really does an amazing job with it here in Into You. The set up is perfect with Olly and Scott as former best friends who need a little nudge to get themselves past the rift in their friendship. I liked that even though the guys are sort of enemies, both are good, sweet young men who just had an awkward encounter years before come between them. Even as they are frustrated with one another, the deep friendship they had is just below the surface and it doesn’t take long for their feelings to return. So you can’t help but root for these guys right from the start, even as you enjoy the delicious awkwardness of them working through their body switch.

Obviously this is a fantasy trope, so this type of story is never going to ring totally realistic, but Northcote does a wonderful job with the little touches to make it all feel so real. I loved the little details like Olly being hungrier in Scott’s bigger, more athletic body. Or the guys having to remember to answer to the wrong names during class. Or Olly noting how he looks when he cries, as he sees himself from Scott’s POV. Or even how Olly feels when forced to listen to Scott’s dad talk about how much he dislikes Olly and doesn’t want Scott seeing him. Northcote makes it all seem so plausible and gets the details so right that I got totally swept away by the story.

Like I said, the guys are just adorable and super sweet together. Scott is understandably a little freaked out as he confronts his feelings for guys, but he is always totally in support of Olly and it doesn’t take long before he realizes he doesn’t really care if anyone thinks he is gay. Northcote captures that tone of young love, exploration, and wonder that really works well for guys their age. FWIW, most of the sexy stuff waits until the guys are back in their own bodies. Although both do a little wanking and checking out of their new equipment, they save the mutual encounters until they are switched back, which avoids any weirdness about making out with your own body. So not quite as much on the sexy times as many of Northcote’s other stories, but it works just perfectly here and the guys are great together.

So I really loved this one and think it is a fabulous example of this really fun trope. If you enjoy young love stories or a good body switch tale, definitely check this out. I totally loved it and would definitely recommend it highly.

P.S. Holy cow that cover! The lips on this guy, right? So gorgeous, and actually works quite well for Olly.

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