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When Jared Williams’ nephew runs in front of an oncoming car, Jared knows he can’t possibly reach the boy in time. And then, out of nowhere, nurse Colin Ryland grabs Caleb and manages to save his life despite being injured himself. Jared isn’t sure he will ever be able to repay Colin, but he’s going to start by being at the man’s bedside until he heals. It isn’t all that hard given the immediate attraction they have to one another. Once Colin is back on his feet he continues dating Jared, knowing the passionate lawyer is worth keeping.

But when a break in at Colin’s apartment is followed by a brutal attack on Jared, it becomes obvious that someone wants to prevent the couple from ever reaching a happily ever after. Finding the culprit won’t be easy as both men have their enemies, but they’re stronger together than they are apart. If they can just get through the obstacles in front of them, they might just have a chance at something special.

Jared’s Salvation was a bit difficult to review. It’s written well from a technical standpoint and save for a few areas, the pacing is solid. The overall plot is decent, if formulaic, and it should have been the kind of thing that I love. It has enough angst and warm fuzziness to keep just about anyone happy. But almost from the start, I found the book lacked something and it took a long time to figure out exactly what it was. Ultimately Jared’s Salvation is one of those novels that goes through the motions. It fails to establish a sense of voice or identity. Colin and Jared both seem rather empty and flat despite the fact that as a reader you want to feel some measure of empathy for them. It’s hard not to like them, but our connection never goes any deeper than that.

Jared’s Salvation is generally tepid. The writing comes off as rather mechanical and never inspires much emotion. The entire novel was just okay. I can’t say that anything was particularly terrible, but I failed to become invested. I found myself reading as a matter of course rather than from any real interest.

There is something of a plot twist in the middle of Jared’s Salvation and one that grabbed my attention. But it was delivered in such a shoulder-shrugging manner that it was nearly lost among the rest of text. This twist had the potential to set up a fairly decent finale, but instead the whole thing played out in about two pages of melodrama involving secondary characters (given this is the first in the series, I suspect these characters will show up again). This just seemed like a missed opportunity.

Ultimately I believe Jared’s Salvation suffers from a lack of passionate writing. There nothing overtly wrong with the story or its characters. It simply failed to evoke much interest on the part of this reader despite having all the hallmarks of a good book. The writing was technically correct, but it never read as particularly inspired. Other readers may have a different experience and I do believe this series has potential for those of you who enjoy a solid side of angst along with your drama.

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