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Kyle is a broken man, working at the Double D Ranch. Jack and Riley have decided to build a sort of rehabilitation ranch within a ranch for young adults with issues (street kids and the like). Kyle is chosen to be involved with the building and running of what is to be called Legacy Ranch. His past is an awful one, and he’s still trying to accept his new, safe life.

Jason is a young man who has been on the streets for three years. He was working doing odd jobs, and occasionally selling his body, to save money to help him get back on his feet. Someone he trusted took advantage and ruined everything. Jack manages to get Jason to the ranch, and he’s partnered with Kyle to help build Legacy, and he will be the first resident.

Kyle and Jason are both so damaged. Kyle is afraid he’ll be kicked off the Double D every time something happens, and Jason is so mistrusting of everybody, he’s ready to run at a moment’s notice. Kyle’s love of the ranch’s horses help him to cope, but Jason is desperately afraid of those same horses. Through helping Jason learn to ride and to trust the animals, the two men begin to forge a tentative friendship/relationship as time passes. The question is whether they will be able to put their pasts behind them and learn to lean on (and love) each other.

I’m going to start with how beautifully detailed R.J. Scott’s writing is. I was able to feel as if I was walking along the paths, riding the horses, and feeling the heat of the sun at the Double D Ranch. The style is smooth, and I never felt like I was experiencing any choppy breaks between scenes. The main characters, Kyle and Jason, and the background characters gelled together nicely. Everyone had a role to fill, and they all did that perfectly. That is important to me if I am going to be able to enjoy a book.

Next, I’m going to give you a warning. There is a LOT of angst here. Kyle and Jason have been to hell, and they’re having a very difficult time climbing out of the pit. They’re angry, sad, mistrusting, and in despair. Kyle is afraid of being sent away, and Jason is afraid of being trapped in a situation he can’t get away from. I won’t say the men don’t like each other. I think it’s more their fears clashing. I sat in my chair, crying my eyes out at some points, wanting them to be together so much because I just knew they could heal each other. I waited…and I waited…and I waited some more. It was a looooooong time coming before I got what I (and Kyle and Jason) I needed. I realize that some angst is necessary for a story to move along, and I know Kyle needed more than most so the reader is aware of just how deep Kyle and Jason’s pain is. However, I was pushed just far enough over my angst comfort level, I almost put the book down. I read to escape reality and to make myself feel happy. When there are just pages and pages of this pain and angst, I start to actually physically feel it in my chest and stomach.

If you’re looking for a hot, sexy read, this is not really it. Yes, there is a lot of kissing, and I found that to be very sweet. Kyle and Jason touched each other a lot, and I loved that because I believe in the healing power of physical touch. I think there was one scene where the heat of passion took over, but the rest was really just two men finding each other and finding their happiness. They weren’t burning up the sheets, but they were falling into a deep love.

All in all, Kyle is a great book. It’s the first in a new series (The Legacy series), and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. This story is a spinoff of the Texas series. Since I was able to get through Kyle without being confused, it’s easily read as a stand alone. I think I may go back and check out the previous seven books, though. If they’re anything like Kyle, I imagine they’ll be great.

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