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Soaring Angel is the final installment of the Life Without Parole series. The books must be read in order and be aware that generalized spoilers will be evident in discussing the series.

Jeremy’s sentence has been vacated, although he’s not even aware of it yet. Before he even can find out, Darren and Slater are waiting for him with violence their clear intent. Trey has Chord all figured out, but no one wants to take his word for it. Shontay has made a recovery and finds a family within the halfway house that will become her home, while Bobby struggles with freedom and unexpected loss, and Corey and Danny all try to find a little piece of happiness. The conclusion of the Life Without Parole series is just a page turn away.

The last book in the series is finally here to tie up all of those open story lines. This book opens with Shontay as she is recovering from the attack at the prison and then attempting to make it in the outside world. That is the general theme here as a majority of the main characters are released from prison and they all have different hurdles to overcome.

The connections all remain as Shontay seeks out Trey and Trey is desperately trying to get anyone to believe him that Jeremy is innocent. There is closure for every story, but what I enjoyed so much about this series all of the way through started to work against it here. There are many characters and storylines that needed a resolution and there was almost too much to cover in the shorter length of this book. I suppose I was led to believe that at the heart this was Trey and Jeremy’s story, and while we do spend time with them together and they are one area of focus, there were also many other characters that needed page time.

The smaller plot lines and scenes throughout the series all contribute to the larger story as they all tied in together here, which offered great continuity. But, the endings for every character, no matter which side of the law they were on, wrapped up neatly, almost too neatly, and were predictable most of the way through. The angel theme continues and expands to several characters, which then took away from it having a special meaning for Trey and Jeremy.

As an installment all on its own, Soaring Angel didn’t quite pack the same intensity as the rest of the series. If I had read this series as one book instead of as a serial, that view may have been different as each previous installment had me hooked. But all the installments are now intact and you can go ahead and read it all together. I would still recommend the series if you are looking for a prison story that’s not overly violent with a strong ensemble cast.


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