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Rayne is a werewolf on the run. His mother arranged for him to be mated with a wolf named Lucas. This was supposed to strengthen the clan at Full Moon Falls. Unfortunately, Lucas is a ass who tries to force Rayne to mate with him, even though Rayne doesn’t want to. Lucas bites Rayne, but Rayne runs away.

Ash is a lone Alpha, the only wolf left from his clan that was decimated by another. He runs a bookstore, and he’s also an avid historian and researcher of werewolf lore. Making his way home through the woods and in wolf form, Ash sees Rayne, collapsed and bleeding. Even though Ash has no clan, this area is still his territory, and he decides he can’t leave the poor omega to die in the forest. He changes back into his human form and carries the smaller man back to his home.

challenge month 2016From there, a sweet romance begins. Rayne shares his story with Ash and asks for his protection. Ash is more than willing to give it. They find themselves falling for each other, and one night, as Rayne begins his heat, they make love. Both men are very  happy, but neither of them are sure what the other expects from this relationship.

When Rayne and Ash realize Rayne is pregnant, they both need a while to digest the news, but come to the conclusion they’d like to give their relationship a try. Of course, as soon as the decision comes, all hell breaks loose. I don’t want to give anything else away because I’ve gone too far already. Let’s just say Rayne’s mother and Lucas don’t really approve of Rayne and Ash’s sudden coupling.

I enjoyed this little story. I don’t know what it is about mpreg, but, more often than not, I get a big kick out of this theme. Maybe it’s because I like the idea of a man enduring pregnancy and childbirth 😀 I also love watching a big, bad Alpha fall head over heels in love with, not only his omega mate, but their babies. The Runaway Omega gave me everything I needed.

The story is relatively short, so everything comes together with a pretty speedy clip. That felt fine, though. There was a sense of urgency throughout. Ash and Rayne are great together. When lonely meets afraid, the chemistry takes off. You knew Ash and Rayne would be mated, but the road they traveled to get to that mating was a little bumpy. There’s not a lot of sex in The Runaway Omega,  but it’s quality over quantity. The times they do make love, it’s sweet and sexy. Ash is careful and attentive, as Rayne (and I) knew he’d be. I’m a total sucker for that.

I chose this novella for this week’s New-to-Me Author challenge because I’d never read anything from E.J. Waugh, and well…werewolf mpreg. This is the beginning of a series, and I’ve already gone and picked up the second installment. I really dug that one too. I will not hesitate to keep buying each future story. I highly recommend this.

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