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Author K.C. Wells most definitely excels at writing love stories and she has done it again with her Dreamspun Desires release, The Senator’s Secret. Rich in dialogue, with a thirty-three year old virgin to boot, this story has it all—a forced coming out, a love at first glance relationship, and two of the loveliest men ever to form a couple.

Senator Sam Dalton has not only been in the closet, he has never had the time or inclination to hook up with a man—ever. He is that rare breed of honest politician and older virgin. During Sam’s re-election campaign, everything seems to be moving along well until an innocent hug by one of his male staffers, Gary, is caught by the opposition’s sleazy camera and tossed on the internet with one question, Is the Senator hiding the fact that he is gay? The answer is a resounding yes and before Sam can blink an eye, his staff decides to do the very thing Sam thought would never happen—out him to the world. Now they must convince Gary not only to be his boyfriend, but his make believe fiancée as well, for the only way to make this work is to declare their engagement and eventually actually marry—at least until his next term of office is well underway. The only problem is whether two perfect strangers can convince the world of reporters panting at their door that they are actually in love and have been hiding their relationship for nearly a year.

Here is the truth about this sweet romance: the reason it works is because both men fight against what they think is an impossible thing—love at first sight. In such a wonderful way, author K.C. Wells draws out the next two weeks after the hug heard round the world in a day by day description and gives us a front row seat that allow us to watch these two men fall for each other. Sam has never been with a man—ever—and his fears about losing his virginity and his heart are very real. Gary began this whole thing as a business proposition with the knowledge that if he could just stick it out for a couple of years, his college loans and veterinary school tuition would be paid in full. Neither one of these gentleman ever considered that they could actually fall in love with the other.

Combine these two sweet fellas with an eclectic secondary cast that includes Sam’s mom who actually buys them condoms and flavored lube, to the self-proclaimed fag hag/secretary Becky who is a huge Will and Grace fan and you have a hilarious mixed bag of characters that provide humor and loving support for our two confused wanna be lovers. Everything just worked about this novel—from the sweet factor of 10, to the low angst levels, and the delightful moment when these two guys fall in love. There are definitely some hits along the way, especially coming from the holier than thou opponent, Pastor Hartsell, and a scummy reporter hell bent on exposing Sam’s lie about knowing Gary for a year and being secretly engaged to him. But as in all good romances, love will prevail and, in this case, you find yourself rooting for just that outcome. Did I mention there is an adorable HUGE dog named Dinky as well—oh Ms. Wells you are killing us!

The Senator’s Secret by K.C. Wells is a delightful romantic romp that will hit just the right spot if you are looking for a low-angst sweet love story. I highly recommend it to you.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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