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It typically takes three or more magical creatures to form a bond and create a group to support and protect themselves. Supernatural beings that are left out of a group face abuse by others and are rarely safe except for the few nights around the full moon. These groups are always formed with like beings — three demons, three wizards, three vampires, etc. It is unheard of for anyone to create a mixed group, but that is exactly what Curtis, Luc, and Anders have managed to do. Somehow the wizard, vampire, and demon have created their very own triad, one that is just as strong, if not stronger, than the other groups out there.

The three men aren’t interested in politics or getting involved with other groups. They just want to keep to themselves and stay out of trouble. But not everyone seems to feel the same way. There is a powerful vampire, Renard, who clearly has it out for the group and provokes them into starting conflicts. And no matter how much they try to stay out of the way, danger keeps finding them and the three face attack after attack. As a triad they are powerful, much more than anyone would expect. And it is pretty clear that there are those out there that would do anything to break the three men up. But they are determined to fight back against Renard and anyone would else who seeks to harm them, even if they must risk their lives along the way.

challenge month 2016I first heard about this book when Burgoine stopped by the blog for a guest post and reading about the story really intrigued me. So when I went looking for a book to read for our Around the World Challenge, I figured this was a great time to pick up this story set in Canada. And I must say, I was thrilled at how much I truly enjoyed Triad Blood.

Before I go too far, I’ll mention that I started off reading Three, a short story that was first published in the Bold Strokes Books anthology Blood Sacrament. The short story introduces the three men and shows them meeting and forming their triad. It is also has a super steamy sex scene that gives us our introduction to the threesome and their amazing chemistry. While you could definitely read this book as a standalone, and in fact the ending of the short story forms the prologue here, I definitely would pick that one up and read it first if you can. First off, it is crazy hot, and second, it is a nice way to get started on this book. That said, pretty much all you need it to know is that these three different supernaturals formed a non-traditional triad with a strong bond.

Ok, so back to Triad Blood. First off, the world building is great. I loved the whole concept here, the idea of these supernatural groups and the power that they hold and the vulnerability of being alone. Luc, Anders, and Curtis have done something no one has ever done. Something no one has even thought of doing before in combining together. And in doing so, somehow they have amplified their power due to their unique connection. The world of wizards, vampires, and demons is nicely explored from the political side. We don’t necessarily get tons of lore on the creatures themselves, but the world in which they live and the way these groups interact is developed really nicely. Sometimes books that rely heavily on politics can drown under their own weight, but Burgoine does a great job of bringing us into all the manipulations while still keeping the book really engaging, and we finish up with a battle that is quite exciting.

Since this is for an Around the World Challenge, I’ll mention that the story is set in Ottawa, a city I am not familiar with at all. I think Burgoine does a nice job giving us a sense of the city and some of its landmarks, as well as the overall vibe.

From a relationship end, be aware that things are a little bit nontraditional here in terms of romance novels. The guys have a clear connection with one another, an emotional bond as well as a physical one. I loved all three of them and adored them together. They clearly care about one another deeply and share a home together, as well as having a sexual connection. But they are not monogamous (that would be impossible for Anders given that he is a sex demon) and they aren’t really “boyfriends” or in love with one another. So there isn’t really a romantic arc for the three men as much as a story that emphasizes their commitment to one another and determination to defend each other and the bond they have formed.

I found it all quite engaging and had no issues with the relationship end of things, though I will admit to wishing for a bit more of the sexual side. Mostly because Burgoine shows that he can write the steamy stuff with Three and so I missed it somewhat here. Not that I ever found the book boring or dragging, just that I knew what these guys are capable of together and their chemistry is amazing. That said, I was kind of disappointed that one of the three scenes we get features Luc with a guy he picks up for the night. Not that I minded the non-monagomy, but I feel like if we were going to get so few intimate scenes, I would have preferred it between our three guys rather than a throwaway character.

However, like I said, I found this one totally engaging and I was really drawn in from the start. I was thrilled to learn that there is more to come for these guys as I just loved the story and think there is a lot of potential here for more from them. So this story was really a delightful surprise and I am so glad I had a chance to pick it up. I would definitely recommend Triad Blood.

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