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Length: Novella

Roy Tennison owns a shop where he builds custom motorcycles. He inherited it from a dear friend who committed suicide. The town resents Roy because he’s an outsider, and they don’t feel an outsider should be there. They also harass him every day. The group is always led by Roy’s friend’s uncle, and sometimes, it gets really ugly. Lately, when Roy comes to and leaves the shop on his motorcycle, he’s followed by a beautiful horse who seems to be waiting for him. Roy thinks this is a little odd, but he isn’t concerned.

One day, Dale Evanista comes into the shop. He’d like a bike, and wants Roy to build one for him. They strike up a deal where Dale will work in the shop alongside Roy so Dale will have the money to pay for said bike. There’s just something unique about Dale that draws Roy. Then comes the evening where Roy wrecks his bike on his way home. As he’s lying there, the horse who follows him approaches…and turns into a man…Dale. Turns out, he’s a horse shifter. Roy, justifiably, freaks out a little, but he’s even more drawn to Dale now. The rest of the story is about how the two men work together and fall in love, even as Roy’s friend’s uncle and the rest of the town tries to run them out.

I have to say, I enjoyed the hell out of this story. I love shifters. Of course, the most popular ones are wolves, bears, and big cats. It was refreshing to see horses…a huge herd of them. Roy and Dale are adorable together. Tender and sexy, they’re the perfect erotic romance couple.

I also liked the idea of Roy and Dale fighting adversity. Not only are they hated in the town because they’re gay, but Dale’s family is equally hated by the townspeople, and the way Dale’s family helped Roy and Dale confront and take down that old boy network was epic…and amusing.

Speaking of amusing, Horsepower doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is humor all through it. It wasn’t all light. Roy and his friend’s uncle have to face his friend’s suicide. Roy blames himself for not being able to save him, and the uncle blames him as well. This situation was handled quite realistically, and I was impressed at the amount of raw emotion involved.

The climax is fantastic! I won’t tell you what it was, but I guarantee you’ll agree with me. Horesepower wraps up neatly, and it’s very satisfying. It was short and sweet. I read it in under two hours, and it was the perfect way to spend a quiet evening, settled in my chair with a drink and a cat or two. I highly recommend this one.

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