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Length: Novella

Jake thinks he’s losing Connor. They’ve been together for seven years, but Jake has barely seen his boyfriend lately. Their work schedules are keeping them apart, and they aren’t making much of an effort to stay connected. When Jake tries, Connor seems to blow him off. Not to mention, Connor is becoming more and more secretive. When things finally come to a head, Jake is convinced Connor is cheating and they are going to break up. But when Connor reveals what he’s really been doing, and the grand romantic gesture to go with it, the men remember what they love about each other and reconnect.

This is a short, sweet tale of two men who have lost their way in their relationship and are finally finding their way back to each other. Told from Jake’s POV, the reader goes along for the ride, watching him fret and worry as Connor seems to be getting farther away. Jake made this story work for me, and being right there with him as he went through everything was the reason I was in invested in this story. Baker did a great job conveying his feelings and thoughts and I cared about him.

But I did have a few small issues. Connor didn’t seem to be paying attention to Jake at all, and I couldn’t understand why, if he loves Jake so much, he wouldn’t see what his secretiveness was doing to Jake. And then, when Jake reacted, Connor was a little bit of a jerk in response. So I had a harder time liking Connor.

I also wished for a few of the scenes and emotions to be a little more developed. This story worked, for the most part, as a short novella. But I did feel the missing development in a few of the scenes. For me, if I had a better understanding of the guys in their relationship before things started going sideways, I think this story would have affected me more.  I also had a bit of a trouble with the last quarter feeling a little rushed. But what I absolutely loved was the ending on this story, as it felt so real and true for these guys and for live.

Overall it was a nice story. And I was glad to see these guys find their love again. Even though I would have liked some elements to be fleshed out a bit more, this one definitely works if you’re looking for a quick read and two men remembering just why they love each other so much.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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