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Ashton “Snow” Frost likes his world carefully ordered. With the exception of his few close friends that are his true family, he keeps everyone at a distance. He’s a surgeon who comes across as cold to his team, which has earned him the nickname of the Surgeon General with the hospital staff. His good looks afford him all the one night stands, where he likes to dominate his partners. That’s fine for him, because letting any one get too close is not happening. Dating co-workers isn’t happening either, except Snow can’t keep his eyes off of paramedic Jude Torres.

For Jude, Snow is like a walking dream. He’s incredibly attracted to the man and when the opportunity presents itself, Jude makes his move. Jude also realizes that there is a lot more to the prickly surgeon and Jude knows exactly what Snow needs.

One night the men are crossing boundaries while their combined heat scorches the air around them. Snow can’t handle the unexpected emotions, but Jude has no intention of letting the fine doctor loose. But when Snow’s entwined past shows up again, his friends are also in danger, and then he’s framed for murder. With Snow and his friends being pushed to the limit, Jude knows he’s exactly what Snow needs, but the battle isn’t over yet.

Shatter follows Shiver, the previous book in the Unbreakable Bonds series. Snow was one of those characters that intrigued me the moment he stepped onto the page in the first book. I was really looking forward to his story and the authors did not disappoint.

Snow was shown as being in control and dominant, but also reckless in his quest to banish his inner demons. It makes for great reading when a character is not all what he seems. Snow is in control at the hospital and he controls his hookups, yet deep inside, although he doesn’t even fully realize it, Snow is waiting for someone to take control and Jude is his perfect complement.

Jude is confident and has enough of a presence to attract the attention of Snow, but he’s certainly not what Snow was expecting. From their first kiss, Jude turned the tables on Snow and it was fascinating reading. There are few things better than two dominant alpha men jockeying for position and power, not to mention the heat these guys generate. The authors do a great job of showing Snow fighting himself to relinquish control and then Jude just naturally sliding into position.

The circle of friends, Lucas, Rowe, Ian, and Andrei are here again as well and the ensemble feel is another area that makes this series for me. They all stand together and find their way back to each other when they have to mourn one of their own. The action part of the story comes from Ian’s past, which became all of their pasts, and up to this point has remained secretive. That is until a man they were never supposed to see again comes back to town.

The mystery part of this series falters for me. Ian’s story was only hinted at in book one and here we get a little more. But with Rowe’s book being the next in the series, Ian’s story is being stretched out a little too long for me. The story slides into a take down of a high stakes sexual trafficking ring and it wasn’t the strongest area of the book for me. The action certainly adds movement to the book, but there were holes and questions as the men take this on alone and, without going into all the details, there were areas both large and small that didn’t all come together for me. There were also enough typos, mostly in the form of extra words or omitted words, to be distracting.

The highlight here continues to be the personal relationships and the strong sense of family the men have created. The relationship between Jude and Snow adds to their family and offers a great dynamic. The men all have stories to tell and I’m definitely anticipating Rowe’s story almost as much as getting another glimpse of how all the men are settling into their relationships. This series is a continued good choice for a great family of friends and hot alpha men.

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