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Riddle has decided to host a slave hunt and the gang from the Subs Club are all in! The hunt will be two hours in the woods, subs trying to evade capture while Doms armed with paint ball guns attempt to catch them. And if they are caught, it is a trip to the whipping posts for some kinky fun.

The Subs Club, along with their partners and friends, are ready for the event. Or at least mostly ready. Dave’s camo pants are far too tight and Miles isn’t really sure he is made for the woods. Well, D is definitely ready with his field journal and Kamen plans to work in a barrel roll at some point in his evasive maneuvers. Two hours in the woods gives them all a chance to reconnect, to think about their friendships and their loves, and to stregthen the bonds that brought them all together.

Oh, this was such a fun story! We reconnect with the entire Subs Club series gang for a day of fun and craziness. If you have read the series, it will not surprise you that when all of them get together, there will be insanity and hijinks  and lots of humor, but also a lot of heart. Rock gives us a story that is incredibly fun, but also a chance to look in on the relationships these men have with their partners and their friends and see them strengthened over the course of the book. It is the perfect combination of fun and some nice poignancy.

The best part about this story, and what impresses me most, is actually what I feared would be a mess before reading it. The book is narrated by ten different people — basically our Subs Club guys, their partners (including both Kel and Greg), and their friend Maya. It seemed like the potential for total chaos was there, yet Rock manages to somehow make this all work in a way that really made the book for me.

Each chapter is told from a different character’s POV. You would think this head hopping would be hard to follow, but it totally works. Rock captures each character so perfectly that you can hear their individual voice so strongly in their narration. I had no problem jumping from one to the other and never got confused whose POV I was in. It is amazing with so many people that the voices could all sound unique, but they do and it works. I just loved the little touches — D narrates as if he is crafting a field journal of his hunt, complete with weather report. Little tiny Ryan speaks in shouty caps. And all of them give insight both into what is happening in the hunt, but also in their own lives and relationship.

I also really liked that we get some different POVs here than in the original set of books. The earlier books in the series are each narrated by one of the subs, so we never get their partner POVs. So I loved that here we also hear from the Doms/Masters. I particularly enjoyed Greg’s POV (although he is only second-in-command) because I enjoyed the insight into their three-person relationship and his feelings about Gould. I also really loved hearing from Maya, their friend who has just gotten old enough to attend the kink events. She has been a recurring side character in the series, and though we don’t know her well, her insight and observations into the rest of the gang were awesome.

It is an incredible feat of writing that Rock manages to tell the story from so many angles, not just the different POVs, but also to tell a coherent story in so many pieces. Somehow the chapters flow together and the story doesn’t ever read as disjointed. There are so many moving parts to keep the flow as we jump around to different scenes, it really is so well crafted. I will say that there were a few times it took me a moment to orient myself in the action when a scene from earlier is picked back up from another POV. But for the most part, this style totally worked and completely impressed me.

So Slave Hunt was a really fun story and I totally loved it. In fact, it was pretty easily my favorite of the whole series. I loved the style and format and found it such a fun and creative way to tell the story. But I also loved the chance to reconnect with these guys, to see where they are in their friendships and romantic relationships, and to see them forge ahead even stronger. Definitely a great read and one I would recommend highly.

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