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Length: Novel

THIRDS Beyond the Books is a compilation of flash fiction stories set in the world of the THIRDS series written by Charlie Cochet. The stories are inspired by fan prompts and were originally published on both the author’s Facebook page and blog. They fill in pieces of the series and are a really fun look at things that are often mentioned but not seen on page, or scenes that readers especially wanted to see written. For example, there is a great scene of the guys posing for a charity calendar, and one that shows the aftermath of Calvin “seducing” Bautista through Ethan’s eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories, and while I do think you need to be a fan of the series to get much out of them, THIRDS readers are not going to want to miss a chance to get some behind-the-scenes and bonus stories from this amazing series.

This is officially the review for Volume 2, however, there was a mix up on the reviewer copies of Volume 1 and it turns out that my copy actually contained both volumes together. So while I have the correct version of Volume 2, I actually already reviewed it all as part of my review for the first volume published in June. Since there didn’t seem to be much point in reviewing it all again, I am going to refer you all to my original review to read my thoughts on both parts together. Just note that Volume 1 covers the first half of the stories and Volume 2 covers the second, catching us up to roughly the timeline of the current series. So if you want the full set of stories, plan on getting both books.

So a bit of a wonky review today, but I really enjoyed these bonus stories and think fans of the series will not want to miss them. Be sure to check out my full review for all the details.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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