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Oliver Worth was trying for romantic when he proposed to his boyfriend, Alpha werewolf Connor Pierce. He never thought of their bonding having a political impact. But their union will bring Logan’s Court and Nimueh’s Court and there’s no denying the deeper implications. But Oliver wants the bonding more than anything, for his soul and Connor’s to become one. But just as the ceremony begins, it’s interrupted by a murder, one for which Connor is framed.

Connor and Oliver go on the run because they can’t allow Connor to be arrested. With help, they begin to investigate the evidence, which overwhelming implicates Connor. Too much in fact. Oliver has no doubt Connor didn’t do it, and now he just needs to find the evidence to prove it. Oliver might be human, but he’s the best detective in Nimueh’s Court and he’s determined to see justice prevail.

But the mystery deepens and each new clue shows someone else could be involved. Oliver and Connor don’t know who they can trust. As the world around them spirals into chaos, those reaching for power will stop at nothing to achieve it. Oliver and Connor’s very lives are at risk. One wrong move and they’ll be killed. But their faith in their love and each other keep them fighting, and they will bring the guilty to justice. Even if it means their demise.

Good writing, excellent world building, and great characters combine to make this series, and this book in particular, a great read. In this last installment of the Worth Series, Oliver and Connor are on the verge of having everything they want when their world as they know it comes crashing down around them. I was excited to jump back into this world Evans has crafted and to see exactly how everything was going to play out for the two MCs I’d come to care about. This series definitely needs to be read in order, so start at the first one and then continue on.

What I particularly enjoyed about this story was the consistency in characters and world building. Everything in the story follows a unique set of rules that has been laid out and are unbreakable for this world. That alone gives a story like this extra oomph, as it hinges on a creative and yet believable world. I loved watching more of it unfold and seeing how everything fits together with what came before.

The characters do the same thing. Oliver has grown by leaps and bounds in his personal life since the first book. Connor has always been rock solid. From the very beginning, these guys worked together, and more than just believing they were fated mates had me rooting for them. I loved seeing the guys that I knew standing firm together in this third book. Easily, the treachery, murder, and mayhem could have made for external conflict that would tear them apart. It could have cast doubt and fear on them. But Oliver and Connor are just so solid in their love for each other, and of their knowledge of each other, that they do not waver. Yes, Connor has occasional doubts, fears, but his thoughts are for what’s best to protect Oliver and his pack. It was completely natural for his character. But as he had these doubts, he and Oliver conversed about things. And it was so refreshing to see a couple actually talking instead of letting miscommunications rule them. Their whole relationship arc in this book was done so exceptionally well.

So there was a murder plot of epic proportions in this book as well, and for the most part, I thought it was done well too. The sources behind it were a bit of a surprise, something that doesn’t happen to me often, and even though I felt, just a little bit, like it seemed to come out of nowhere, the author does a fantastic job of explaining it and tying up all the loose ends. Which in and of itself is a great feat. I will say there were a few small times where I felt like things were dragging just a fraction, as if to stretch out the plot a little, but though it’s worth a mention, it’s not a huge detriment.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed this book and the whole series. Oliver is an incredibly likable and believable narrator, and I enjoyed following him on this journey. If great characters, wonderful romance, and unique and interesting world building are you thing, then definitely give this one a try.

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