new coming this weekHi gang! I hope you all had a great week!

Things have been kind of crazy for me in my personal life. As I mentioned last week, yesterday was my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah so we had lots of family in town, as well as a house-busting number of people over for dinner on Saturday night. Plus, eight million odds and ends that needed taking care of over the week. But the event was lovely and we had a wonderful time with family and friends.

In perfect timing, I am also getting ready to head out of town for Thanksgiving. Because boy, if I ever needed a vacation, it is now! We are going on a cruise with my parents to celebrate their anniversary so I will be gone most of this week and into next. I can not wait!

So what does this mean for the blog? Well, we are continuing on in my absence, but everything is dropping down a notch in intensity. Partly this is because I didn’t have time to do all my usual pre-trip prep of getting a million posts ready to roll in advance with the Bat Mitzvah around the same time. Also also because it asks a lot of my already crazy hard working reviewers to get everything to me in advance of my being out of town. They already outdid themselves with my double vacation in August and my trip to GRL, so I didn’t want to over tax folks here too much. I know you understand.

So we have a full week of reviews and guest posts, but while I am gone, we will be only running three posts a day, as opposed to the usual 4-5 (and sometimes 6).

Oh, and one special treat. On Thanksgiving Day, J.P. Barnaby will be here with an original short story featuring her characters from Aaron and the Survivor Stories series. So excited about that one!

Here is what we have planned this week…

  • Favorite Book Lists: Trans Stories
  • Review: The Innocent Betrayal by Victoria Sue (Jay)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Talk Dirty to Me by Jessie G
  • Review: Built for Pleasure by Thursday Euclid (Sue)

  • Review: Bluewater Blues by G.B. Gordon (Veronica)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: The Soldati Prince by Charlie Cochet
  • Review: Honeymoon Their Way by Morticia Knight (Camille)

  • Review: The Soldati Prince by Charlie Cochet (Jay)
  • Buddy Review: A Chance for Us by Jake C. Wallace (Kris and Sue)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Just Drive by L.A. Witt

  • Audiobook Review: Chevalier by Mary Calmes (Jay)
  • Guest Post: The Survivor Series by J.P. Barnaby
  • Review: Stroke of Luck by Posy Roberts (Kirsty)

  • Review: Summer Lessons by Amy Lane (Kenna)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles by Eli Easton
  • Review: The Next One Will Kill You by Neil S. Plakcy (Sammy)

That should do it! Enjoy!

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