Today I am so pleased to welcome Jamie Deacon to Joyfully Jay. Jamie has come to talk to us about her latest release, Caught Inside (A Boys on the Brink Novel).  Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


We continue the ascent in silence, letting our entwined fingers speak for us. Everywhere is so quiet. It still amazes me, the quiet, the utter lack of human activity. And then we crest the hill and emerge into a burning, orange sunset. Without a word, Theo walks me to the edge of the cliff and steps away, giving me the space to take it all in.

Last time I came up here, it was almost dark, the view hidden behind a veil of clouds. Now, though… Now I can see everything. It’s spread out below me, shimmering like a painting when the paint is still wet, a brilliant expanse of green headlands and blue-grey water, the sky streaked with every shade of fire. The sun feels so close, close enough that I could reach out and touch it. I picture myself riding the waves, my board beneath my feet, surfing right into the heart of that inferno.

I pull my phone from my jeans pocket and snap some pictures. No photo, not even one taken by a professional, could ever do this view justice. It doesn’t matter. I turn the camera on Theo, catching him off guard, and take a close-up of his startled face. He retaliates, retrieving his own phone and aiming it at me. We snap endless pictures, both of each other and of the scenery. Perhaps, if we commit this moment to memory, we can make it last forever.

Side-by-side, we stand at the cliff edge and watch the sun sink lower on the horizon. I lace my fingers through Theo’s. “Thanks.”

He doesn’t need to ask what for. With his hands on my shoulders, he turns me to him and kisses me. I sink into it, pull his hips into mine, moaning into his mouth when our tongues meet. I’m not sure how we end up on the ground, but we do. We’re in the grass and Theo’s sucking my neck, grazing the skin with his teeth, and my hands are all over him, sliding beneath his T-shirt, forcing their way down the back of his jeans. Theo gasps. His breath burns the skin of my throat, sending a shock wave through my entire body. I free my hands, reach down to fumble with his zip.

“Nah uh.” Theo takes hold of my wrist, pinning them over my head. His words caress my lips. “Wait.”

He silences my protests with his mouth, kissing me with a hunger that saps the oxygen from my lungs. Then he’s moving lower, fingers releasing the button on my jeans, drawing them and my boxers down over my hips. He takes me in his mouth, the warm wetness of his tongue sliding against my skin, and I cry out. Can’t help it. My head falls back, eyes fluttering shut. I arch my hips, hands tangled in the grass, and let the world drop away.


Caught InsideLuke believes he has his life figured out…and then he meets Theo.

It should have been simple—a summer spent with his girlfriend Zara at her family’s holiday cottage in Cornwall. Seventeen-year-old Luke Savage jumps at the chance, envisioning endless hours of sunbathing on the private beach and riding the waves on his beloved surfboard. He isn’t interested in love. Though his rugged good looks and lazy charm mean he can have his pick of girls, he has no intention of falling for anyone.

Nothing prepares Luke for his reaction to Theo, the sensitive Oxford undergraduate who is Zara’s cousin and closest friend. All at once, he is plunged along a path of desire and discovery that has him questioning everything he thought he knew about himself. No one, especially Zara, must find out; what he and Theo have is too new, too fragile. But as the deceit spirals beyond their control, people are bound to get hurt, Luke most of all.

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Jamie DeaconJamie lives in a tranquil spot close to the River Thames in Berkshire, England, and has always been just a little out of place—the only redhead in a family of brunettes; an introvert far more at ease with dogs than with people; a connoisseur of simple pleasures in a society intent on the quest for wealth and fame. Despite an outward cynicism, Jamie is a romantic at heart, and, when not immersed in a book, can mostly be found writing emotional stories where young men from all walks of life are thrust headlong into the breathless, euphoric, often painful whirlwind called love.

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