A Christmas KissRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Riley and Alex have been best friends for years and Riley has secretly been in love with Alex. One drunken night, they share a passionate kiss and Riley thinks it’s finally the beginning. But when Alex wakes the next morning, he doesn’t remember anything and Riley doesn’t speak up.

When Riley starts avoiding him, Alex knows something is going on, but Riley is afraid to speak the truth. As the holidays approach, Riley’s friends tell him he should just tell Alex how he feels, but Riley wants one last holiday before he’s rejected by Alex. Because good looking Alex could be interested in Riley, could he?

Two best friends, a drunken night, a weekend lodge, and a hot kiss are the core of this story. Alex and Riley claim to know each other well, yet they haven’t discovered each other’s deepest secret that they are both attracted to each other. In the beginning, you have to go with the fact that Alex gets so drunk that he doesn’t remember anything. Then, later, you have to again go with Riley getting drunk and also having drunken memory loss. It was a whole lot of convenient memory loss for me.

Riley is a bit down on himself, as he’s insecure about his looks and he’s trying to find a job. Alex is everything to him and he thinks he’s finally getting what he wants but then he’s devastated that Alex doesn’t remember. The story is a slow build to really get anywhere and the pace was too slow for me. After that first kiss, there was a lot of Riley’s inner turmoil of not feeling good enough for Alex. Then, we also get Alex’s POV and there was a whole lot of telling. We are told about their friendship as well as their attraction to each other, but not much of it was shown. Their circle of friends also plays a role here and they were all a little too involved for my taste.

Friends-to-lover is a favorite trope and it’s sad that I wasn’t feeling it with either of guys. The book mostly dragged for me to the point that I wasn’t interested anymore if they got together or not. If you enjoy this author’s style and are looking for a shorter read set around the holidays that does offer a smile at the end, maybe it’ll work better for you.

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