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When Reese was young, his pack was attacked by the murderous Nowheres and almost all destroyed. Reese and his family fled to another pack for what they hoped was safety, but instead his parents were killed and he and his siblings were made basically slaves to the alpha. Now Reese has managed to escape and get his brother Jude out as well. But before he could get his sister Selene free, Reese was caught and left for dead at the hands of the Nowheres. Fortunately, he and Jude were saved by the Weres of the Silver Tip Pack.

What Reese was not expecting was to learn he is the True Mate of the Silver Tip Pack alpha, Dare. Reese feels the mating bond just as strongly as Dare, and his body wants nothing more than to be with his mate. But with his sister still at the hands of his former pack’s evil alpha, Reese can’t bear to leave her there vulnerable. The problem is that even if he can convince Dare to help him rescue Selene, Dare leaving threatens the security of his own pack, especially as his cousin makes trouble. And they are a really wonderful pack, full of caring, kind people and with great leadership from Dare. Things are even more complicated because due to their mating bond, if Reese is killed, Dare will not survive either.

As Reese and Dare spend more time together, their bond continues to grow and Reese is happier than he has ever been. At the same time, he can’t stop worrying about his sister and knows time is running out to save her. Now as Reese is torn between the man he loves and the family he is determined to protect, he may find he can’t keep them both.

I am a big fan of shifter stories, but as with all established tropes, finding a new spin on them can be hard. So I was really impressed with the world building and the way Megan Erickson created a really new and interesting take on shifters in Daring Fate. In this world, there are two types of shifters: werewolves, who are the traditional man/wolf combo, and Weres, who are much bigger and have a third form that is sort of a half shifted cross between man and wolf. After a virus killed all the humans and many of the Weres, those affected Weres turned into Nowheres, basically undead, giant zombie shifters. So all the packs have built walls to protect themselves, but venturing outside is incredibly dangerous, and even walls aren’t enough to protect all the packs.

Although the focus of the story here is on Reese’s conflict between his desire to be with Dare and protect him, and his need to help his sister, this layer of world building adds so much to the story. It makes for interesting dynamics for Reese in the Silver Tip Pack, as he is a werewolf, and therefore smaller and weaker than the Weres. It also builds into the conflict between Dare and his cousin who seeks to take over as Alpha, as Gage wants to be a warrior pack, whereas Dare wants to keep his pack peaceful and safe. And as an added problem, any time they venture outside the walls, they face grave danger as the Nowheres are incredibly dangerous and they are at risk of attack when being out in the open.

I also appreciated that even though we know pretty much from the start that the conflict is surrounding Reese’s choice between his sister and Dare that things don’t play out exactly as anticipated. I was pleasantly surprised to see things take a little bit of a different turn and the story has some nice elements of suspense and adventure built into the romantic conflict.

As for the romance, whew is this one sexy! The True Mate bond basically makes these guys hot and horny every waking moment and Erickson doesn’t skimp on the steamy details. I loved that there is also affection here, and time where the guys get to know one another outside of bed. I liked that while Dare needs obedience when in front of his pack, when they are alone he is playful and they have a nice banter between them. But wow, is this book hot and dirty. Definitely love that.

Daring Fate is the first story of the Silver Tip Pack series and I am so excited for more. The next book features Dare’s brother Bay and looks to be really interesting. We also get a side romance in the this book that I am crossing fingers gets pulled into its own story because I love these guys together. So I absolutely loved this story and am so eager for more in the series. Definitely highly recommended.

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