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Dr. Daniel Parker is a horse veterinarian. He’s just gotten a divorce and is trying to explore his newfound freedom and attraction to men. Daniel had always identified as straight, so he never imagined being out in this  new world.

Scott Wagner is a new horse owner. He calls Daniel out to his farm to give his two horses a check up. Daniel is quite attracted to Scott, but then Scott mentions he bought the horses for his daughters. Daniel automatically assumes Scott is married and, sadly, gives up the idea that the two of them can be together.

Right off the bat, I’m going to say I was disappointed in Farm Call. I felt the blurb was misleading. I assumed (incorrectly) Daniel would feel the attraction to Scott, there would be the crossed signal about Scott being married, but after a few encounters at the horse farm, Scott would realize he was wrong, and then the men would date and fall in love, and BOOM!  Happily ever after.

Instead, the book winds up being about Daniel having relationships and sex with other men until (I kid you not) 98%. As I mentioned, Daniel is attracted to Scott, but as soon as he believes Scott is married, he pines for him. Thinking Scott is unavailable to him, Daniel starts looking for Mr. Right in other places.

The beginning of the story finds Daniel meeting a handsome man in a bar, going home with him, and falling for all the typical lines…You’re so beautiful. I’ve never felt another connection like this. You’re special. Well, you can guess the rest. The guy is a love ’em and leave ’em type, and never calls Daniel again. Then, what happens? Daniel winds up having yet another one night stand…with another guy who was fooled by the loser’s pretty words.

Simply put, Daniel wants to be in a loving, committed relationship, and he pretty much falls for every man he sleeps with. Some turn into something, but others? Nope. Nada. Meanwhile, we are given detailed accounts of some of Daniel’s encounters. I’m going to tell you, because this is only MY opinion, I don’t really enjoy reading about one of the MCs having sex with other men. I read romance because I want the MCs to be together. They’re supposed to be together because that’s what the blurb tells us. I don’t exactly consider it cheating because there’s never been any dating/sex between the MCs, but I certainly want to see them have more interaction, flirting, or at least spending time together. Sure, they had a few moments when Daniel came to the farm to check the horses, and there were even times where he was invited to events by Scott and his family (including the woman he believes Scott’s married to). The times when I was reading about Daniel having sex with someone else, I felt a disconnect to the story.

I felt sorry for Daniel. He keeps getting burned. He falls in love much too easily. He actually reminded me of a girl I knew in high school. She wanted to be loved so much, she thought every guy that paid her any attention was THE ONE. I guess I am trying to say that, even though Daniel is a well educated, successful veterinarian, he’s a little on the adolescent side.

We don’t really learn anything about Scott. In fact, I would consider him a minor character in the book. He’s a nice man who loves his daughters and enjoys spending time with his family. This made me a bit…I don’t want to say angry because I wasn’t necessarily mad, but I just wanted MORE.

Other than that, the book was well written. Terry O’Reilly’s style flows nicely. There are a lot of details included, including a bit about husbandry and horse care. I would consider this a story about Daniel’s coming into his own, rather than a love story, and I wanted a love story. It’s not bad, it’s just not what I envisioned.


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