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Allegro Romani has the worst luck, especially on Fridays, but it’s not his fault. As a Fayte, Alli has an excess of magic, and in the human world that translates to terrible luck. But he was banished from his home world for his sexual orientation, and he can never go back again. He’s content, for the most part, and does his best to survive Fridays.

Michael Lakkis is a bear shifter who needs some time away from his family. The town in Putnam County is a well-known, not so secret safe haven for paranormals. He buys a hunting cabin, even though he doesn’t hunt, so he can have a sanctuary. But on the first day, he saves a man from getting hit by a car. Michael is intrigued by Alli, and knows the man is hiding something about himself. But he’s too caught up in Alli to question it overmuch.

Alli feels the connection just as strongly as Michael does, but he can’t help pushing the man away. Everyone always leaves him when they find out just how troublesome his life is. But to Alli’s surprise, Michael doesn’t run. And when things take a sinister turn, and someone comes after Alli, Michael is right there with him. But even as they get to the bottom of things, and the truth comes out, it puts a strain between them. Alli and Michael better figure out how to communicate or they are going to lose each other forever.

The blurb for this story caught my interest, and it seemed like a fun and interesting story. I definitely enjoyed myself and, while there were parts that seemed a little too predictable, I thought it was a nice story.

First off, we have Alli, and he’s the reason I picked up this book. I really liked the way the author peppered his accidents and bad luck throughout the story. It worked for me, never seemed contrived, and every new thing that happened just fit with all the things that came before. I couldn’t help but feel for the poor guy. And his attitude about life in general really fit in with the hand he’d been dealt. Underneath everything, there was a layer of hurt that just made sense. After everything that’s happened to him, and the way he’s had to live for the past three years, I understood exactly where Alli was coming from. I liked that he had strength underneath his attitude, and he was sweet, shy, and just adorable. So from the very beginning, I was invested in Alli and his story.

It made total sense that Alli would not trust Michael’s intent right away, and then later, keep him at a little bit of a distance. I loved that Michael was persistent without being scary. He knew what he wanted and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer…but only because he knew that Alli was interested too. As their relationship progresses, Michael’s possessive nature comes out. He is part bear after all. And this worked really well. What I particularly liked was that, when it went a step too far for Alli, Alli called him on it and they had a frank and real conversation about it.

So I really enjoyed the two MCs and I liked the secondary characters that made an appearance. Since this is the first of a series, it definitely set up for some future stories. But while the characters and the overall plot worked pretty well for me, there were some other aspects that left me a little wanting. The author barely gave us any times with Michael in his shifted form, and it was something I felt was missing. Especially because of the way Michael talked about his shifter half, I would have thought we’d spend more time seeing that side of him. Not to mention, there was one part of that which didn’t exactly sit well with me, though I will acknowledge that’s a personal preference (and not say anything further, as I think it’s an quirky twist best left discovered by reading). I will also mention that I found the reveal of the stalker to be a bit cliché and anticlimactic, and I thought it could have been handled a little better.

But ultimately, I have to put this one in the win column. Great characters, a good plot, and a nice story without overly heavy emotional notes, made for a good read. I’ll definitely be picking up the next one to see where the series goes next. And if this story piques your interest at all, then I can easily suggest you pick it up.

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