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Length: Novella

Kellen Grady loves his life. He finds fulfillment by teaching piano and playing in the house band at a bar. When the bar gets sold, Kellen is wary, but the new owners seem nice. Brothers Calvin and Terrance Hayes are determined not to change too much about the bar, even while updating it. Terrance makes Kellen a little nervous for reasons he can’t understand, but as the two men get to know each other better, Kellen really becomes comfortable with Terrance. When Terrance makes his move, Kellen is surprised. He’s not experienced a lot of attraction in his life, so to feel it for Terrance throws him. But the easy way they fit together, and Terrance’s understanding, make falling in love effortless.

This is a short, sweet, lovely story about two men who just fit together from the very beginning. The story is told from Kellen’s POV, and he’s the one who has the most development, so it works well. It was really nice to see a guy that was simply happy with his life. He’s got a great family, jobs he loves, and he is perfectly content. And when he meets Terrance, he’s a little unnerved, but he quickly is drawn in by Terrance’s easy-going nature and charming attitude. Though Kellen never says the words demi sexual, it’s clear that’s how Kellen identifies. He only feels sexual attraction for someone he has an emotional connection with. I loved seeing the natural progression of this, as Kellen became more comfortable with Terrance, became immersed in his life, became friends, and then felt the sexual attraction. It read real and believable and it was great to see this portrayed.

Terrance has known he was bisexual for a long while, but because of his former career as a pro football player, he’s kept it hidden. Now that he’s found Kellen and wants the man, he’s not afraid to go for it. I like that he takes things slow and easy with Kellen, and that their relationship evolved so naturally. But Terrance seems to understand Kellen’s needs without any conversation or misstep. Kellen didn’t read particularly skittish to me, so I wondered at how easily Terrance read the situation. I would have liked to see this a little more explained, even if there was a line after the fact with Terrance saying what he saw in Kellen that made him act as he did. It seemed a bit too easy, though that fit with the tone of the story.

This was a light, easy, wonderful read. There’s no angst here, not really. It’s just about two guys finding each other, having loving, supportive families, and how their lives intertwine almost effortlessly. There’s enough substance that it’s not a total fluff-fest, but it’s the kind of happy story that just makes you feel good. If you’re looking for a happy, easy read, then this one is definitely for you.

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