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Length: Novella

Aiden is down on his luck, and he just wants to make it to his mother’s house for Christmas, even though he doesn’t know if she’ll even want him. But his little car isn’t up to traveling in a snowstorm, and when it dies on the road, he has no choice to get out and walk. Half frozen to death, Aiden is found by Tristan, who bundles him up into his cabin in the woods. The men are at complete odds, each making assumptions about the other. But when the truth comes out, they find common ground and act on the their mutual attraction. That can only last so long, and when the snow clears, Aiden should be on his way. There’s no way he can stay with Tristan and make a life with a man he just met, right?

The acknowledgement on the first page has the author explaining that she tried to jam as many tropes into this story as she could, first as a joke, and then, as the story actually formed, with purpose. Knowing that ahead of time allowed me to jump in and embrace this story for all that it was: a feel good, tropey romance with a solid HEA.

What immediately drew me to this book was the holiday theme and that the MCs were trapped by a snowstorm. That’s like my crack and I needed to read it. Fortunately, the author has woven a great story. With a smooth and relatable writing style, I fell into the story and just went with it. Both the MCs have their baggage. But what I particularly liked was how real the characters felt. Aiden is at his wits end, he’s defeated, and I felt that. Tristan has his own issues stemming from his last relationship and he’s understandably wary. It also makes him a bit judgmental when he meets Aiden. But from the moment they meet, their chemistry sparks. Yes, they have trouble communicating. Assumptions are made. But when they finally have that conversation and take that step, it’s electric. I loved these guys, and I loved them together.

This story is one trope after another, and yet the author made it work at every turn. Shorter in length, it still had every element it needed to be complete. It was a truly enjoyable read, and if tropes and holiday stories are your thing, then definitely pick this one up.

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