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Length: Novella

Barnaby Lassiter is an admin at a law firm, and he’s bold, bouncy, and beautiful. He also has a crush on one of the lawyers at the firm. Nathan Llewellyn is conservative and staid, nerdy even, and doesn’t seem to notice Barnaby at all. In attempt to catch Nathan’s eye, Barnaby changes his appearance and dresses more conservatively.

When Nathan comes down with a terrible case of the flu and can’t go into the office, Barnaby arrives with the requested file and stays to take care of the very sick Nathan. Nathan lets it slip that he preferred the real Barnaby to this imposter, and Barnaby has hope for the first time. One pseudo-date leads to something more, and the men finally act on their attraction. Barnaby couldn’t be happier. But dating Nathan isn’t smooth sailing. Miscommunication plagues them, and since neither man is very experienced at relationships, things go south. Nathan realizes immediately what he’s done, and he can only hope that he can with Barnaby back.

I like this author’s smooth, easy writing style and the characters she creates. Nathan and Barnaby are no exception. There’s a realism about them I really enjoy. Both MCs have their issues, and it takes time for them to work out exactly how they work together. I understood where both guys were coming from, and I liked watching the story unfold. Barnaby was particularly well done. It was easy to see his fun-loving spirit, and his need to be wanted. Nathan, for me, was a bit harder to like as he seemed a bit of a juxtaposition,  both an intelligent man and then utterly inept. But I liked how they fit together, when they ultimately got there.

I do have to admit the pacing was just a bit off for me in this story. Things moved very quickly. Part of that worked, because I really liked that the miscommunications didn’t drag on for a long time. The characters had conversations and moved on. But also, I felt like there were areas that needed some more fleshing out. I wanted some more exploration of a few of the themes, and even though I felt the character’s connection, I would have liked a bit more time with them so I could really see them falling in love.

This is book two in series, but it read just fine on its own. Of course, I now want to know what happens with the other guys. And that is a testament to the author’s talent, for want me to get more involved. I definitely enjoyed this story, despite my small issue with the pacing, and can easily recommend this book if you’re looking for a short, easy, feel good read.

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