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Length: Short Story

Dax and Jordan are part of the hot rock band, Code Black. Their star has been steadily rising and it’s largely due to the stellar songs the guys write together. Their popularity is also due to the conflict they create as they clash onstage and sometimes off stage as well. But, Jordan is hiding a secret. He’s desperately attracted to Dax and fantasizes about Dax dominating him in all the ways. Jordan sees all the women that catch Dax’s eye and knows he has no chance with the man.

With pressure from their record company to produce songs for a new album, Dax and Jordan are sent to a cabin for two. Jordan can’t stand being that close to Dax and their writing is suffering. When a fist fight has the men giving into their deepest desires, will their relationship survive?

I’m just going to cut right to it here. This book didn’t work for me at all. It had all the potential with rockers and friends-to-lovers and secret desires, but none of it worked for me.

To start, the language in the entire book was off for me. The guys are rockers from California, yet the narrative had a definitive feeling of English as a second language. The words also read as being so carefully chosen that they lost the casualness of everyday conversation. The random head hopping didn’t help the cause here either.

Part of the plot is that the guys have to produce songs for a second album quickly. The reason given was that there was this “new” thing where you could be paid to have your songs on streaming sites. Yeah, so, that idea is not so new.

So Jordan and Dax. The main POV character is Jordan and we learn quickly that he wants Dax in the worst way and that he wants to submit to him. Ok, that’s fine. Dax has never shown interest in men, but seemingly all of a sudden he wants Jordan. I say all of a sudden because there was no lead in showing that Dax was interested in Jordan. Then, in the heat of the moment, Dax knows exactly what Jordan needs. I mean, they have no conversation (zero) and Dax knows all about Jordan wanting to submit to him, he’s tying Jordan up, and Jordan is calling him Master all in one breath.

I can’t even put this into the category of erotic short because the intimate scenes were lukewarm. I’m all for a short story format, but this one had no character development and no relationship development. The story ended at 83% and that was the one thing I wasn’t disappointed in.

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