The Next One WIll Kill You: An Angus Green Thriller by Neil S. PlakcyRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Rookie FBI agent Angus Green thinks he is going to the local gay bar just to win the strip trivia game so he can send his baby brother, Danny, some money towards his Italy trip. Imagine his shock when he sees not one, but two colleagues that are there sniffing out a source who called in a potential robbery at the upcoming jewelry event in sunny Florida. When they catch Angus after the game, they pull him in on the case, giving the young agent his first big break at the agency. However, that one tip leads where no one ever expects and before he can blink, Angus has uncovered a murder, unearthed evidence of an illegal drug ring, and much, much more. Before Angus knows it he is knee deep in multiple cases all leading back to his jewelry heist and is on his way to proving himself as more than just a wet behind the ears rookie.

Author Neil S. Plakcy offers up a classic whodunit mystery in his latest release, The Next One Will Kill You. The action is swift, Angus is both determined and laser focused, and this novel goes a long way in establishing what I hope will be an ongoing series of gumshoe novels featuring this extremely likeable and down to earth FBI agent.

While the story was not terribly long on character development, what it did do (and very well) was set up the key players that will be the focus of this new series. We are introduced to several team members on the FBI; Angus’s brother Danny; Lester, potential boyfriend to Angus; and Jonas, his roommate. Interweaving these intros with a multi-layered jewel heist/murder/street drug cartel, and suddenly we had a great deal of action that kept me interested and the story moving along. Unfortunately, with so many balls in the air, there was not a lot of time to get to know Angus well—but he was compelling enough to make me want to learn more about him and that is exactly what you want in a first installment.

I am really looking forward to the next Angus Green story. If it is as well crafted and exciting as the first, this is sure to be a series that many will be flocking to read.

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