best-2016Hi there! Thanks for checking out my “best of 2016” picks! I had a hard time choosing, since I’ve read more than 100 M/M books this year. Many were really fantastic, and more than half were books I’d eagerly recommend. I’ve put them into a bit of order, so you can decide if they fit your reading list.


Fave Christmas read: SCRUDGE & BARLEY by John Inman. I loved the twist on the classic Dickens A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and had real tears as I experienced Ebbie’s painful youth and beautiful redemption.

What Remains by Garrett LeighFave Hurt/Comfort: WHAT REMAINS by Garrett Leigh. Man. This one broke my heart into a million pieces by the end. A man struggles to support his lover after a traumatic brain injury destroys his partner’s memories of their love affair.

Fave Dirty Pleasure: LUSTY ADVENTURES OF THESEUS by Arthur Griffin. Historical fantasy of Theseus and his sexy conquest of men on the way to destroying the Minotaur. So much sex. So much fun.

Fave Paranormal: WOLFSONG by TJ Klune. Pick this one up to curl up with over a cold weekend. It’s really long, yet the unconventional prose had me riveted. It’s a fated mates, shifter story that blew me away.

Two BOys KissingFave Teen: TWO BOYS KISSING by David Levithan. Holy smokes. This isn’t a sexy book, at all. It’s one of those fantastic, uplifting, good-for-your-spirit reads that chilled me, because it’s narrated by a Greek chorus of men who died of AIDS as they observe the interactions of a group of young gay boys. Levithan won a huge authorship award this year, too.

Fave Virgin Lover: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT by Jay Northcote. This is so fun! A nerdy college student trades love lessons for stats tutoring with his sporty neighbor. I enjoyed every moment of them crossing sexytimes off the list.

Fave Shifter romance: HOW TO WALK LIKE A MAN by Eli Easton. This is the second book in a series, and I think readers will enjoy all of them, but this one is my favorite, so far. The story revolves around a man who used to be a military service dog, and how he copes with being human, and finding love with a fellow police officer.

Fave Ugly Cry: SELFIE by Amy Lane. Features a Hollywood star living through the death of his closeted partner—and his complete and utter heartbreak. Suicide ideation, depression, coping, and new love. It was a rollercoaster of feels—all of them intense.

Fave Series: CAPTIVE PRINCE by C.S. Pacat. I read all three of these books in a week back in February, because I lost my mind with the first book and dove headlong into the series. Sleepless for at least one night so I could get to the end. Amazing if you like fantasy/political intrigue.

Fave Sequel: FIGHT THE TIDE by Keira Andrews. This is the sequel to KICK AT THE DARKNESS and it kicked ass. Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world is rough, but it’s easier when your boyfriend is a werewolf. So many zombies…

Okay, so lots of different stuff to pick from because I have eclectic tastes. Hopefully something piques your interest, too. Share your fave reads in the comments so I can find something new, or just commiserate.

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