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Length: Short Story

Ruling Hell isn’t easy, but Lucifer has made some changes to make it work better. State of the art security is just one step; he’s also changed how the damned are punished. The last thing he expects is a surprise visit from an angel. Especially Uriel, who was his love and his lover before Lucifer fell. Pissed off, Lucifer confronts Uriel, only to find out the angel has been sent on a mission to find out exactly what’s been going on in the Pit. As Lucifer takes his former lover on a tour, the connection between them burns as strong as always. Devil and Angel act on their passion; it’s too intense to ignore. They know they only have Christmas day before it’s once again taken away. But neither being takes into account just exactly how benevolent a deity the Boss actually is.

So I picked this one up because I was totally intrigued by the premise, and I got even more than I expected. Lucifer is a fun, snarky, evil, sarcastic demon, but he’s also got depth of feeling underneath. I loved the way he was portrayed, as parts of his angel past shone through. He’s a great sort of anti-hero. He plays by his own rules, as the Devil should, and I really liked his layers. Though there was a moment near the end that was a little too over the top, I really enjoyed his character.

Uriel is truly sweet and good, and I liked watching his inner struggle as he warred within himself. He knows what’s right, what he should do. And then there is his love for Lucifer, which is so deep he hasn’t had another lover since Lucifer fell. The chemistry between the characters was insanely awesome. They sparked the moment they saw each other, and it didn’t let up.

A surprising enjoyment was the way the author unpacked the beliefs of different religions and their impact on sending souls to hell. It resonated with me, and really made sense with Lucifer’s beliefs and practices. But I acknowledge this might been too much for some readers, so just be aware. I think it’s well done, but it could be a touchy subject.

So as much as I enjoyed this story, I had a little trouble with the ending. On the one hand, it made sense. With everything that had gone on, I could see exactly why it ended the way it did and how it worked. However, it was also way too easy and pat. I’d have liked this part to be developed a little more, more conversation or explanation perhaps, so it didn’t feel so easy.

But yeah, I definitely enjoyed this story. Lucifer is fantastic, and his an Uriel’s love is one for the ages. If you’re looking for a little different take on angels, demons, and Hell, you should consider this story.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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