Love's Opening NightRating: 2.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

Jeremy Steele has been a Broadway performer for years and he’s finally going to be part of an original cast. This new show he’s working on has him performing alongside TV star, Ty Beaumont. Ty is gorgeous and Jeremy has followed his career for years, including seeing the man perform live one, two, or six times. But Ty is not a professional dancer and when he stumbles over the intricate choreography, Jeremy is all too eager to offer his assistance. When a kiss during rehearsal leads to dinner that really isn’t a date, Jeremy has no idea why the famous Ty would want to spend any time with him. But when Ty makes it clear he’s interested in more, the men have to navigate dating in front of a cast to make it to opening night and possibly even beyond.

This was a short story that started out with promise, but then never materialized into much for me. The premise was intriguing with the seasoned dancer assisting the famous celebrity, but it never moved on much from there. The story is told only from Jeremy’s point of view and we quickly learn that he thinks Ty is “the most handsome guy ever,” and the “hottest guy on the planet.” The set up for getting them to initially interact came off to me as kind of awkward and the writing overall was choppy and dry.

There is no point of view from Ty and we never really learn all that much about him. They men talk about being attracted to each and they talk about dating, but it felt more like a business arrangement to me as the romance or even the emotion never came off the page. There was some Broadway name dropping that was supposed to be conversational, but came off to me as a structured list. They have dinner, they watch Netflix, but even when the guys are together it was a whole lot of telling with a lack of emotional depth behind it. There wasn’t anything to make me think these guys were more than best buds who kissed occasionally and then the ending came across as awkward and abrupt as well.

If you buy books based on covers, try to overlook this one as the guys here do not depict what was described as a professional dancer and a gorgeous actor. Even though the set-up was interesting, this one never quite hit it for me.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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