Stroke of Luck by Posy RobertsRating: 5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Cas has reached a metaphorical crossroads. He wants a steady and committed relationship, but most people are threatened by his close bond with his best friend, flatmate, and ex-lover, Maisie.

Marc’s apartment has been devastated by a fire and he is relying on the charity of friends and living in a model condo temporarily.

Cas is shopping at a Goodwill store with Maisie for the perfect Halloween outfit, the same day that Marc is looking for some equipment for the kitchen he can at least call his own. Physically, the two men are initially attracted to each other, but a mistimed laugh and then a car accident do not make great first impressions.

Fate steps in and Cas and Marc meet twice more, realizing on the second occasion that they live in the same building and they give in to the passion between them. Yet, Marc is not looking for love because he thinks it will complicate his already chaotic life and Cas’ relationship with Maisie may well jeopardize his romance with Marc before it even begins.

Stroke of Luck is unique to other books I have read recently in that both protagonists are bisexual. Usually, I have seen bisexuality referred to briefly in m/m romances, but authors seem wary of actually confronting their readers with actual displays of this. I love the fact that Posy Roberts is not shy in this respect and aside from Cas’ friendship with Maisie, the reader sees Cas making out with another woman, Lola, whom he calls “beautiful” and who clearly excites him sexually. Although Roberts chooses not to put Marc in any situations such as this, he does mention dating “gay men, bi women, straight women, and a gay trans guy.”

Personally, I prefer a first person narrative with dual points of view, particularly when there are two characters like Marc and Cas, but in Stroke of Luck Roberts uses a third person narrative whilst still giving her reader a very solid portrayal of both men. Physically, we have Cas with his birthmark, which gives him a white streak of hair, and Marc who has a Thor-like stature. Emotionally, we understand that both men are open, hones,t and fall in love easily, and sexually – wow! – Cas and Marc’s chemistry is electric. If you are a reader who is a fan of hot man-on-man action, Stroke of Luck is worth reading just for the window scene!

Stroke of Luck is not all sex and sweet romance though. There are also some really fun moments — I love the superhero connections — and Roberts perfectly creates that point at which the reader wants to step into the story and intervene in the characters’ lives!

Stroke of Luck is ideal for anyone looking for an hours worth of escapism and I give it a full five-star recommendation!

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