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Jones and Tru are where they have always wanted to be–well maybe not exactly literally as Jones thinks a road trip from Colorado to Ohio is a great start to Thanksgiving. Tru is used to private jets, but he will do anything to spend more time with Jones and to make him happy. Being engaged, however, isn’t exactly what they expected as everyone has an opinion and everyone wants to know what comes next.

Their love is special and perfect and both men can’t wait to share their lives together. Tru wants to give everything to Jones, yet Jones is proud and wants to stand on his own. When unexpected news gets in the middle of the men and Jones is asked to keep someone else’s secret, Tru knows something is off. The aftermath leaves them still desperately in love, but questioning their approach and a shift communication could be the answer to all their dreams.

Do you know what I like? I like when the second book in a series carries over everything that I loved about the first. Danford has something special here with the characters of Tru and Jones and the way they relate to each other.

This book is filled with entertaining banter as the men are relaxed and calm with each other. Jones brings out the playful side in Tru and they are not only so in love with each other, they truly like each other. The imagery the author uses highlights the way the men react to each as the air around them sizzles and each scene of them together is exceeding sensual. Tru practically shorts out each and every time he is near Jones and to capture that kind of chemistry and have it come off the page is magical.

The book was an effortless read, the first half passed by in a blink, and I simply enjoyed seeing the men spend time together. They are getting used to their relationship being public and then everyone having an opinion or comment on their impending nuptials. As they settle into life together on the ranch, they still know not everything is settled between Jones’ job at the diner and Tru’s travel, but Tru has a plan for that.

But even with everything not being settled, there is no conflict surrounding them until Jones is asked to keep someone else’s secret. As this is the main source of tension in the book, I’m limiting the detail, but this storyline didn’t really work out the best for me. Besides Jones being put into a completely unfair position, this plotline didn’t add anything for me. It doesn’t go all off the rails with it driving the men apart on a grand scale, which was good, but it just kind of took up space in the book for me.

The ending of the book also started to lose me, which was total let down for how much I was enjoying these guys. The book makes a reference to the movie It’s a Wonderful Life and then it comes back around to tie into it later and the placement of it all came out of nowhere and was completely off for me. It then moves to an action-based miscommunication sequence, the type that would be seen in a holiday movie, and while Jones’ quest was heartfelt, the trajectory and details of it just dragged a great story down a bit for me.

But those pieces aside, this book captured the essence of Jones and Tru. A book that can make me laugh out loud during conversational exchanges and offer exceptional imagery, as well as amazing chemistry, remains way up there on my list. I would highly recommend you read this book after the first book in the series, Tru Smoke, as this book continues where that one left off. Do you know what else I like? There is a book three, Tru Flame, set to be released in February 2017, and I am so ready for that one.

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