Today I am so pleased to welcome Scott Roche to Joyfully Jay. Scott has come to talk to us about his latest release, Coming Home Again. He has also brought along some copies to give away. Please join me in giving Scott a big welcome!


As an author, I’m new to the romance genre in general and the M/M subgenre. I’ve had a rule my whole adult life, though. Hat tip to Frank Herbert, “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.”

I believe when the idea is good enough, and I do my due dilegence in research and crafting a solid story, I should never tell myself, “this genre/topic/archetype isn’t for you”. There are only advantages to pushing my own personal boundaries, as far as I’m concerned. If I succeed, I might draw new readers into my circle. If I fail, that’s only an opportunity to grow. This cycle keeps me spiraling upward as a creator.

When I got the idea for “Coming Home Again”, I wanted to blend my love of old school science fiction into a modern romance. Since my goal was to create a balanced blend, like a good bottle of whisky or pot of coffee, I worked hard to keep the usual sorts of elements you’d expect to find in both genres present but not overpowering. I wanted the sweetness of true love, a few bursts of heat, and a ribbon of wonder running through the whole thing. Based on the feedback I’ve recieved so far, it works and works well.

In the end, I also created a few characters I know I’d love to see again. The rakishly handsome and mysterious Captain Rogers, my protagonist Captain Blair, the manipulative Mr. Langstrom, and my love letter to strong, female geeks everywhere Major Mercer are all characters I will be playing with again. Character is at the heart of any good story.

If I’d let fear or uncertainty prevent me from dipping my toe into these warm, inviting waters I’d have missed out on all of these things. Let this be a lesson to all who read this. Don’t let anything stop you from trying something new. You may just end up finding a new favorite.


They stopped outside a doorway labeled simply “Storage”. Blair opened the door and soon they were in a five by eight room full of cleaning supplies. “We should be safe to talk here. Do your implants have any offensive capability?”

Rogers nodded. “I can stun a few people, though it would be a little tiring. Why?”

“We’re almost certain to run into guards. Your ship is in a hangar another few halls over. My access badge won’t get us in, even if there aren’t.”

“Don’t worry about the access. As far as the guards are concerned, I can distract them. I can set off a false alarm and we should be able to get past the few who are left. Once we get into the hangar, I can pilot the ship out. I don’t care what kind of security they have, once I’m in the chair, they won’t stop us.”

Blair wrapped his arms around Rogers’ waist. “One more for good luck?” This time he let the kiss linger. This could be their last, if things went badly. He relished the taste of cloves and coffee. Tongues and lips were playful, rather than desperate. He allowed his hands to wander, flattening on Rogers’ chest, cupping powerful muscles.

Rogers broke the kiss and moved his lips to Blair’s chin, nipping at the skin along his jawline to his ear. He nuzzled the doctor’s neck and sighed. While his left hand held Blair to him, his right slid down, past the other man’s belt. Gasps filled the small room, as he pressed Blair against the only clear section of wall he could find.


Coming Home AgainCaptain Maximillian Blair had always hoped to discover there was life on other planets. His job at one of the government’s most secure research facilities put him in the position to learn the truth, one way or another. When he met a stranger from the stars, he didn’t expect to be charged with discovering the man’s secrets at any cost. Or to fall in love. How deadly would the truth prove to be? And can his love be the world’s salvation or will it be its damnation?


Bio-PicSome creatures feed on blood and revel in the screams of their prey. Scott Roche craves only caffeine and the clacking of keys. His writing and podcast can be found at


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