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In light of the recent ARe closing/debacle, we are obviously no longer linking our reviews to their site. In order to give folks an option beyond Amazon, I have decided to add a link to iBooks, Apple’s bookstore, in its place. I’ll be honest that before a couple of years ago when I met with some folks from Apple at RT. At the time, they were just starting to really promote romance in their catalog and looking for ways to reach readers. I told them if they wanted to reach GLBT romance readers in specific, they need to have an easy way to search for those romances on their site, since no one is going to pore through pages of m/f romance to find them. And lo and behold, they listened! Go me! (I’m taking credit, but who knows…)

So iBooks currently has a reasonable sized catalog of GLBT romance and an easy way to search it. Some publishers are putting their books for sale there, and some authors as well, but it is obviously nowhere near as comprehensive a catalog as Amazon. That said, if you like to read on your iPhone or iPad (or other Apple device), the iBookstore may be a good choice for you.

So here is the deal. First off, if you are interested in checking out a book, you can simply click on the link in a review. The way it works on my computer is that it first opens up a web page, and then it kicks it over to the iTunes store and my library. This may depend on whether you have iTunes installed on whatever device you are shopping from, but either way you can buy the book directly that way.

Second option is that you can browse iBooks for some shopping fun. Like I said, they have just added a LGBT romance widget you can check out. You can go to the main iTunes bookstore here. You will then see some icons in the middle under Browse by Genre where you can click on Romance. Then from that page, scroll again through Browse by Genre to choose LGBT romance.  You can also go directly to the LGBT page in specific by clicking here.

I’ll also mention that like with Amazon, Joyfully Jay is an affiliate with iTunes. That means the blog gets a teeny little credit for each purchase made where you enter through one of our links that we use to support the costs of doing business here. That means ANYTHING you buy through iTunes can give us the credit (movies, apps, podcasts, tv shows, books, etc), as long as you enter through one of the links on our site. So if you are interested in helping to support things here, I would more than appreciate it if you followed links in our reviews, or the link in the sidebar under Shop with Joyfully Jay, when you are making your purchases.

Thanks, and please let me know if anyone has any questions or needs any help navigating!

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