deciding on foreverRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Chris and Owen have been engaged for about year and have decided to take a pre-Christmas vacation to the Rocky Mountains. Their relationship is going strong and they are both healing and moving forward together. But it hasn’t seemed quite the right time to schedule the wedding. Now that they are here in their dream destination, however, the guys decide this might be the prefect time to get married and celebrate together without all the chaos of a big affair.

Everyone is happy for the men, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t sad to be missing the wedding. But with a little help from the folks at the hotel, as well as a few surprises from family and friends back home, Chris and Owen manage to have the perfect wedding for them. And when they return home for Christmas, they are reminded just how much they love the home and the life they have built for themselves with their close family and friends.

Deciding on Forever is a short follow up to Chris and Owen’s story that is featured in Safety in Numbers. It focuses pretty much exclusively on their trip and their wedding, with some family bonding thrown in. For fans of this couple and this series, this story is a nice way to catch up with Chris and Owen, as well as with the larger gang, most of whom appear in brief cameos. I’m not sure you would get a lot out of this one if you haven’t read Safety in Numbers at the very least, and it is even more rewarding if you have been following along with them throughout the Sizzling Miami series. The story doesn’t delve into a lot of new ground, but mostly is a chance to enjoy how far these guys have come and share in the magic of their special day. These guys both had difficult pasts, so it is nice to see how happy they are together and how much this moment means to them.

I found this story to be sweet, romantic, and sexy. It is a quick read and gives a nice, warm feeling as you see the men so in love and happy together. If you are looking to catch up with the Sizzling Miami boys, this is a nice little story to check in and see how they are spending their holidays.

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