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Length: Short Story

Lochan Féyes is known as a mutt, a half-breed, as he was born to an Elven clan but raised by humans. He’s a rare hybrid and, although still in training, he’s already been recruited to be an assassin. Outwardly, Lochan looks like an elf, although a highly skilled and deadly elf with blue eyes that are rare in a world of obsidian. One look and Ervyn wants those eyes only on him.

Ervyn Morryés is part of the Dark Elf clan that lives in the Highlands. His single goal has been to become the best archer and so far he’s succeeding. His blonde hair stands out amongst the entire clan and Ervyn knows all about looking different, but he maintains his focus and maintains his training. When Lochan arrives at the training camp, Ervyn’s focus wanders to wherever Lochan is and it’s not long before Ervyn is staking his claim.

The Mutt is a short story that opens up the beginning of an amazing world of elves. The story is told entirely from Ervyn’s point of view and within a shorter amount of pages, the author is able to set the scene, the atmosphere of life in the Highlands, and the beginning of what could be an explosive relationship between Ervyn and Lochan. While Ervyn has trained to be one of the best archers in his clan, he’s full of attitude that highlights his entertaining character, but also awakens his protective side. He becomes completely undone at the sight of Lochan and wages an internal battle with himself to keep his control.

In the public eye, Lochan appears every bit the sought after assassin that he was trained to be. But, for all his prowess on the field, when Ervyn exerts just the smallest amount of dominance over him, Lochan yearns to yield to and obey his commands.

Bonds are formed and long held plans are altered as Ervyn’s focus narrows to Lochan and I was captivated and invested so quickly that it was the cruelest of teases as this is simply an introduction to what promises to be an epic story. From personal stories, to clan stories, to snippets of a new language introduced, there is so much waiting to be explored. And, at the heart of it, there could be one hell of a story featuring love and lust between Ervyn and Lochan. A full length novel should follow soon and I, for one, cannot wait.

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