Unbreakable Stories: SnowRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

This book is part of the Unbreakable Bonds series and goes back in time a bit as it is set between book two, Shatter, and book three, Torch, and is not meant to be a standalone. The book includes a collection of short stories and one slightly longer length story all surrounding Snow and Jude. While the stories are broken down by title, they all continue forward chronologically and focus on the growing relationship between these two men as their lives intertwine and the men become a true couple and a family. There are glimpses of all the other men, but the highlight, well, easily the highlight is Snow and Jude.

This was my last read for 2016 and ending the year with two of my favorite four letter words, Snow and Jude, was a perfect way to close my year in reading. Most of the stories are short and some of them are scenes or moments in time showing the men move forward in their relationship. What can you expect? You can expect Snow and Jude in bed, in the hot tub, barebacking, christening a home still under construction, and continuing to illustrate that no wall is safe from them–yowza!

All of the stories show the men committing themselves to each other both emotionally and physically as the book opens with House Hunting with Anna. This story illustrated how much the men want to continue living together and build a life but at 7:00 AM and faced with a cheerful, Anna, the men realize they may not have spent as much time talking about what they need in a home.

Talking isn’t high on their to-do list as the men seek a rare night out in the second story, Tequila Adventure. The men decide dancing and shots are a good idea, but faced with the end game of finally feeling each other skin to skin and it’s not long before they are seeking privacy.

The next story, Lunch, shows Snow really going out of his comfort zone to dine in the hospital cafeteria just so he can see Jude for a few moments as their schedules are off in opposite directions. It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t thought through all of the consequences of just having lunch…in public…surrounded by inquisitive co-workers, all Snow sees is Jude and Jude is all the better for it.

No Walls are Sacred is the title of the next one and really no other words are needed, except Snow, Jude, and yet another wall they make their own. This is followed by The Home We Make and again the title explains a lot, well, maybe not how to explain it all to the realtor.

Safety Net shows the vulnerable side of Snow as nightmares from his past continue to plague him. But, even as close as the men are, Snow still doesn’t want to appear weak in front of Jude. Jude wants all of Snow and the story illustrates how the men calm each other, love each other, and continually short-circuit around each other.

Camping is the final and longest story in the book. It gets all of the men in the series together for a camping trip and some are more excited about their location than others. Snow roughed it on foreign soil while in the Army, but now he likes civilization, high thread count sheets, and his coffee maker. He also would prefer Jude alone without all of his friends in close hearing distance. Let’s say that Lucas and Ian make sure the guys don’t go without too much. This story also shows Snow still uncertain of his place in Jude’s life, but Jude makes it known their relationship always comes first.

Whether it’s a vulnerable Snow or a bossy Snow, they’re all the best versions of Snow. If you’ve followed this series, this is the perfect intimate look into their lives without a lot of high stakes drama. If you haven’t gotten to this series yet, start with book one and I dare you not to become addicted to Snow.

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