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Length: Short Story

Will is a vampire hunter. But he doesn’t hunt all vampires, just the ones that have crossed over into violence and no longer just feed, but kill. It’s been a while since he has had a night off and he wants to hang with his friends, have a drink, dance, and maybe find a guy to take to bed. It doesn’t take him long to realize that he has caught the attention of Reese, the club’s owner.

Reese is a centuries-old vampire and life has lost all of its sparkle. For years he experienced it all with both men and women, but now there is nothing to hold his interest. One look at Will has Reese going after what he wants. Yet, Reese isn’t aware of how Will spends his nights and even after he sees Will stake a vampire, the allure still smolders. Will has never been attracted to a vampire before, but it may be impossible to resist the chemistry that has been ignited between him and Reese.

The last line of the blurb for this book reads, “Why fight when they could fuck instead?” With an image like that, all I was really looking for was for this short story to live up to that line and primarily this is an erotic short that hits its mark for a sensual read.

Will is a vampire hunter looking for a night out and a night off. He’s getting into the groove and attracting attention, yet being a hunter out on the town there really is no such thing as a night off. While Will has speed, strength, and healing powers, we don’t learn anything more about him or his history as a hunter. Reese is a seasoned vampire. He has been around for centuries and owns the hottest club in town. But after years of trying anything and everything, he is now left wanting for a new challenge and something to interest him. We don’t learn much else about Reese or the vampire world either. There is a focus on Reese’s heart, as the title suggests, but it’s not fully explored and the lack of details and lack of world building was a major hurdle to overcome.

What we do get is the heat and chemistry between Will and Reese as Will is drawn to the darkness in Reese. It’s an extended scene of the vampire meeting all of the hunter and the dialogue between the men and overall tone for the story succeeded in bringing out the attraction and lust between the men as they spend the night together. It’s one night and one scene and from that angle the author kept me engaged throughout the entire story. While this has nothing to do with what’s inside, the cover on this one does not depict either of the men as described and doesn’t do justice to the story, so that aspect would be best overlooked. The guys truly connect and the author leaves the characters with potential for more as A Single Heartbeat is a short, erotically charged read set between men who should be adversaries.

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