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Length: Novella

Elliott Hutchens is a former Green Beret who shared a home and love with his fellow teammate, Shane Cullen, for six years before suffering a near-fatal gunshot wound on a mission. That was two years ago. At that time, Elliott mentioned retiring and Shane—instead of having a discussion or, you know, sticking by Elliott’s side and nursing him back to health—decided to go right back into service on an undercover op. Elliott figured, rightfully, that Shane had abandoned him. So, he moved out of their Florida home and on to a career with the National Guard stationed in California.

This story picks up with Elliott currently captured by bumbling drug cronies for a cartel operating in some little South American nation. He’s been sent to extract Shane from the deep cover role he’s held for the past 18 months. Now that the second-in-command for the cartel is in DEA custody, Shane’s about to be exposed. The higher ups fully expected Shane to blow his cover to “save” Elliott—so Elliott can get close enough to get Shane out of there.

For those keeping score, it’s an extraction-in-an-extraction mission. #convoluted…

Back on U.S. soil, Elliott and Shane are surrounded by their former combat teammates—who (again, rightfully) side with Elliott in the domestic affairs corner. Elliott and Shane are both struck by how much they missed each other, with Shane being determined to make things right this time around, if Elliott will let him.

This is a short reconnection romance that was okay. I wasn’t charmed by Shane—and I will admit to smiling as friend after friend chewed him out for hurting Elliott as he had. Shane’s a decent guy, but too hot-headed for my personal taste. Elliott is a great guy, and Shane only knew how much he gave up after he’d already lost him. That said, there’s a nice reunion with Shane and Elliott vowing to build a better partnership the second time around. All the military switching seemed a bit convenient, but it might be as easy to swap branches as described. It just didn’t feel likely, which affected my enjoyment. With this being short and mostly sweet, I nonetheless found it entertaining.

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