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On the plane home from Melbourne, Jack Brighton spots an adorable looking man wearing a bow tie. Jack is immediately attracted to the guy he thinks is the sexiest nerd ever. And when the plane lands, he sees the man is stuck for a ride. Jack offers Lawson Gale a lift to where he’s going since it’s on his way home, and the attraction sparks between them. When Jack learns Lawson will be staying in his town for a week, he takes a chance and asks Lawson out on a date.

But it turns out their paths cross even sooner. Since Lawson is in that part of Australia to try and find a butterfly, and Jack is a forest ranger in the jurisdiction where Lawson needs to look, the two find themselves spending their days and nights together. Their relationship is growing fast, both men feeling that strong pull toward each other. They are already considering how a long-distance relationship could work between them. But just as everything seems to finally fall into place, disaster strikes, and everything they’ve been working toward could be destroyed.

Oh, this book was just all sorts of adorable, and I really enjoyed it. From the very start, I was drawn in by Jack’s sense of humor and his infectiously positive attitude. I love the way he reacted when he saw Lawson, and I love the way they pursued each other as the story progressed. Their relationship is easy, but in the best possible way. Jack and Lawson simply fit, and what’s better, the reader absolutely believes they do. There’s nothing forced here, just two men finally finding what they didn’t know they were looking for.

There’s a definite opposites attract thing going on here, but it works perfectly. Jack is an outdoorsy man, with a positive outlook and friendly vibe. Lawson is more reserved, more formal, and a genius to boot, which comes with all the expected social ineptitude. But they are both more than what they seem, and as they learn about each other, they find they fit together in the best possible ways. I liked that even though things progress quickly, because their connection and attraction is so strong, there was also a languid feeling as they both take time to sort out what they really want. It’s the kind of love at first sight that works on every level, and I absolutely adored these guys together.

Characterization is Walker’s forte, and she succeeds again here with Jack and Lawson. Both MCs, as well as the secondary characters, are well drawn and fleshed out. The characters have layers, and are fully three dimensional. It makes it even easier to fall into this story and get absorbed, watching as the men reveal themselves to each other, and the reader, and knowing without a doubt that they are made for each other.

Where I had a very small problem was the last bits of this book. First, Lawson does something that, while understandable, was incredibly dumb, and I got a little frustrated with him. It all worked out, and quickly, so it was forgivable, but for a moment I was squinting at the book. Then the very last chapter just moved way too quickly. After the great pacing throughout the book, that last chapter was a letdown, as it felt like a whole lot of telling instead of showing some things that could have really been great. Overall, not a huge problem, but I was definitely looking for a little more there.

So yeah, I really liked this one. Great chemistry, wonderful characters, and a love story that warmed my heart. Plus a science geek and a hot forest ranger. All bonuses in my book. This one is easy to recommend.

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