InhabitingTheNightRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Trent is an LAPD cop on leave from work. His fraternal twin brother has gone missing and he’s searching for him. The last reported sighting of Trent’s brother was near a quaint, small town called Little Grizzly Lake, so Trent rents a house there and begins the search.

Martin owns a cabin by the lake, and he also owns a fitness center in town. He’s also a rare white tiger shifter. One night, while in tiger form, he hears a ruckus and discovers Trent being beaten by a group of men. In fact, at least two of them are about to rape him. Martin (in tiger form) jumps in to save Trent. He scares away the attackers and drags Trent to safety.

When Trent wakes up, he doesn’t see a tiger, he sees Martin. The two men get along well, and it’s pretty obvious they’re attracted to each other. Martin takes Trent around town so he an show pictures of his missing brother and see if anyone has seen him. Soon, Trent and Martin are in a full fledged relationship, but Martin has no clue that Little Grizzly Lake is very different than he could have imagined.

Yay shifters! When I saw Inhabiting the Night was available to review, I jumped on it. What I found was a nice little story that, while not necessarily setting my world on fire, was a nice way to spend an hour or so.

I really liked Trent and Martin. Trent is noble and unwavering in his search for his brother, and Martin is the same. Yes, he was in tiger form when he rescued Trent, but I just sensed he would do the same thing even if he was human. They had a great chemistry together. Because there wasn’t a lot of time, it felt like insta-love, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It seemed plausible. They were sweet and sexy, and I really enjoyed reading their interactions.

There was a nice supernatural flair to this one. The shifters, along with some Native American lore, made the story interesting and led to some Googling for me so I could learn more. The background characters fit with the plot and filled their roles.

All of this was awesome, but there were a few things that felt off for me. I didn’t feel very satisfied with why the men drugged and dragged Trent into the woods, and why a few of them were going to rape him. Were they going to rob him? Kill him? It was like that portion of the plot was just dropped. Also, while I saw it coming from a mile away (and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing), I wondered where, when, and why what happened to Trent’s brother actually happened. I got the impression this is the first book in a new series, even though nothing of the sort was mentioned. I have to say, I certainly hope this is the case because I felt there were a few things that were left unsaid and open.

Inhabiting the Night was a good story, and I liked it very much, and I do really hope to see a sequel soon. If you enjoy shifters, I think this is right up your alley.

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