King of the seaRating: 3 stars
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Length: Novella

Carlos Santiago is a 28-year-old who has just been given his cancer-free clearance after a disastrous year that brought him to San Francisco from Colorado, chasing the love of Tyson, a prominent OB/GYN. In the months since his treatment, Carlos has witnessed Tyson pull away, he’s sure because of Carlos’ lack of interest in sex resulting from his scars and pain following surgery and chemo.

While contemplating his future—and impending break-up—Carlos meets Ross, a merman hanging out off the coast near Tyson’s estate. It’s a remarkable experience, but not likely real as far as Carlos is concerned. But, are mermen any less likely than pregnant males under Tyson’s watchful care?

This is a book that purports to have a sci-fi bent. And maybe so, if you are a person who considers SyFy’s “Sharknado” to be science-fiction. Here’s the thing: this was a wacked-out plot with a basketful of inconceivables. Still, it was amusing. Carlos is a somewhat decent guy presented with a hard-to-swallow situation. Ross, a one-of-a-kind science experiment, is there for Carlos when he needs him, but expect a whole lot of (laughable) posturing, with Tyson being a nefarious bad guy, having designs on building a new world order that’s, well, questionable.

There’s a little bit of (moderate) sexytimes, and a bizarre twist involving one of Tyson’s former lovers, and an mpreg plot that seemed (to me) to be utterly ludicrous. That said, as a scientist and person who knows too much about human reproduction, the plot was laughably haphazard and comical in its medical ineptness. The convenience factor was super high, with Ross being everything, whatever is necessary, for Carlos whenever he needs it. Despite my many “Wait, what?” moments, the good guys triumph and the bad guy is vanquished, and mermen will perhaps thrive in the land of the Golden Gate.

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