Rushing LoveRating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Flynn had been with his boyfriend for 19 years until he was left for a younger man. Needing a change of scenery, he leaves his home in New York for a vacation on a ranch in South Dakota. Thinking he will never find love again, the isolated location will work just fine for Flynn until he meets Grayson, a gorgeous cowboy that works on the ranch. Although he’s attracted to Grayson, the 15-year age difference has Flynn thinking nothing could ever possibly happen between them.

Flynn cannot believe that a sexy, younger man like Grayson is interested in him. Grayson is not only interested in a fling, he’s ready to stake his claim on Grayson for always. But, Flynn isn’t ready for another relationship so soon, the men live in different states, and there is still the age gap that Flynn can’t overcome. But, Grayson has his sights set on Flynn and he’s not going to give up on them.

Rushing Love is aptly named as Flynn and Grayson do just that–they rush into love. The entire book is one big rush. I don’t have a problem with insta-love, but the author has to make me believe it and there is insta-love and then there is this.

When Grayson sees Flynn for the first time, that’s just it for him. Within a matter of hours and one brief conversation after they introduced themselves to each other, Grayson’s family and co-workers are questioning Flynn’s motives because Grayson says there’s something between them. Then they’re all telling Flynn that Grayson likes him sort of like they’re all still in grade school.

The guys talk about how hot they think the other is and then comment again and yet again about it, yet I didn’t feel any of it as it was all talk and no show. Within two days, Flynn is changing his entire life after one date and just a feeling he has and that feeling never did come off the page. The author makes a point of identifying Grayson’s Native American heritage, but it’s not explored. Flynn has a medical condition since childhood that gets random page time and the reason this was added in was not explored either and didn’t add anything to the story. We don’t learn much about either guy at all and their 15-year age difference is also only on paper. From what we are shown of them, they could have been the exact same age as there was no time to explore any of it. The entire story, with the exception of the epilogue, is just a few days so we have no idea how the age difference affects them, yet it was brought up early on as an issue for Flynn.

This book is part of the States of Love collection and is set in South Dakota. The location was a main draw for me in choosing the book as not many books are set there. Yet, except for a mention of going to see Mount Rushmore, they could have been anywhere. Given the book is part of this collection, that was disappointing.

The relationship, the lack of chemistry, the predictability of Flynn’s ex, and the speed in which the events in this story happened without any of it being fully explored didn’t work for me. Even if you are a fan of insta-love, this book would not be one that I would suggest even for that.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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