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Length: Novel

Garvey is a werewolf. He’s part of a team tasked to kidnap and deliver humans back to their pack to become blood servants…companions and food. When their wolf is hungry, the blood servants are there to “donate” their blood.

Tovin is a simple man. So simple, his boyfriend broke up with him because he was too boring. Making up a bucket list (parasailing anyone?), Tovin decides to be more adventurous. Thanks to this decision, he finds himself on a date with Garvey, in the woods, at night.

Garvey is attracted to Tovin, but Tovin’s been slated to be the blood servant of Lavario, a guardian of a pack. Captured and sedated by magic, Tovin is thrown in the back of a van full of other humans. However, he’s able to escape. Bruised and battered, he’s caught again, but Garvey and his two compatriots realize Tovin is not in shape to be accepted by Lavario.

Now Garvey and his friends need to do some serious CYA moves to please not only Lavario, but Eresna, another guardian who was to receive a blood servant of her own.

I consider the above to be a brief summary of one of the main plots of The Worst Werewolf. It’s also the reason I decided to grab it for review. I love shifters, and wolves are my favorites. This seemed right up my alley.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The Worst Werewolf turned out to be a book with too many main characters and too many plots to follow. I felt bogged down by it all.

I liked the prologue. It was from Garvey’s POV, and it was wickedly funny. So funny, I woke my husband up so I could read it to him. However, throughout the rest of the book, the humor felt forced. I didn’t laugh much at all. There were a few moments of levity, but they were lost in everything that was going on.

Let’s talk about the characters in The Worst Werewolf. There are a lot of them…at least nine I would consider to be MCs. I had a difficult time keeping track of everybody. There are three major wolf packs, alpha guardians, guardians, plus your average, everyday wolves. There were occasions where I found myself skimming back a chapter or two just trying to make sense of something I’d just read.

Along with the number of characters, the number of plots was also a bit overwhelming for me. Along with the Tovin kidnapping, there is some family intrigue, mentions of vampires, a portal, a bottomless spring in a cave, and a ghost story (that part was actually entertaining). My head was spinning and I was getting lost pretty often.

I feel that if I go any further, I am going to reveal too much of the story to you, and I don’t want that. The Worst Werewolf is the first book in a series, and it’s entirely possible the author was working toward setting up the next few books. However, I feel like it would have been best to divide up some of these plots.

Jacqueline Rohrbach has a decent writing style. She gives a lot of detail. Occasionally, though, all of that detail was simply too much. I think I’ve used the word overwhelming a few times, but that word appropriately describes what I felt as I read.

All in all, The Worst Werewolf wasn’t my cup of tea. However, I’m not saying it was a terrible book. I think if paranormal/fantasy is your thing, you may enjoy it.

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