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After getting engaged at The World’s Most Awkward Brunch, Paul Auster and Vince Taylor are getting married. The wedding is rapidly approaching and Paul is both excited and terrified. Things aren’t made easier by his overly involved best friend Sandy, a bachelor party with way too much Jager (and featuring a drunken Sexy Paul), and Paul’s crazy family. Not to mention that although Paul knows Vince loves him, it is still sometimes hard to believe that a handsome, sexy guy like Vince really wants to be with Paul. But despite all their fears, the wedding is here and it is a day of love and craziness, perfectly befitting the couple.

Hurray! Paul and Vince’s wedding! I absolutely adore T.J. Klune’s At First Sight series and have a soft spot for Vince and Paul who started it all. Following along with the tone of the series, this story strikes the perfect balance between hysterical absurdity, and warmth and love. Klune excels in walking that line and it really continues here. We have insane antics as the gang counts down the days to the wedding, including total craziness during the bachelor party when Sandy (intentionally) feeds Paul too much Jager, thus bringing in the onset of Sexy Paul, who is truly a sight to behold. And of course, between Paul’s parents, Nana, Sandy, Corey, and Charlie, the gang is full of humor and insanity.

But what makes these stories really work is that they are also full of such love and connection. These people are a crazy family, but they so clearly love one another. There are such lovely moments here as Paul’s parents share with Vince how much he means to them, or Charlie shyly tells the guys about the man in his life. We know that as snarky and sarcastic as they can be with one another, these people fiercely love one each other and wouldn’t hesitate to cut the bitch who hurt any one of their makeshift family. And of course, that is just highlighted here between Vince and Paul as they celebrate their wedding. Both of these men have had doubts about themselves, and we see how perfectly they fit together. They share their love and their emotions and it is so sweet and romantic and a perfect coda for their story.

I’ll also add that the ending here perfectly sets things up for at least two more romances. I am not sure what exactly Klune has planned in terms of timeline, but I was so excited to read the ending and I dying for more.

So for fans of this series, this is a story you won’t want to miss. It was hysterical and crazy, but also tender and sweet. Definitely recommended.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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